Roswell: Max and Liz # 2 in Romance Hall of Fame Sci-Fi TV Couples Category

Just as one touch of the hero’s healing hand left its imprint on the show’s heroine, the cosmic connection between a girl and her celestial soul mate has left an impression on the hearts of devoted Dreamers which, years after Roswell‘s final episode, has yet to fade away.

Over the course of three seasons, fans followed the love story of Max Evans (portrayed by actor Jason Behr), an alien hybrid from the famed Roswell incident who defies his stars to be with Liz Parker (played by actress Shiri Appleby), and in so doing this modern Romeo and Juliet create their own destiny.

Roswell Filming Locations

Casa Moreno Mexican Grill— Although Alien Blasts aren’t on the menu, with a little imagination Roswellians can picture the Pod Squad at this Covina, California eatery, which served as the exterior for The Crashdown Cafe. Located at 223 N. Citrus Avenue, the restaurant is open Monday – Saturday and features live entertainment on Friday nights and a banquet area for celebrations.

Vasquez Rocks— Its jagged edged pointing toward the heavens, it comes as no surprise that Vasquez Rocks has become an iconic image for sci-fi fans over the years. Having appeared in numerous cinematic and small screen features, including both the TV version of Star Trek and its 2009 movie prequel, the formation played the part of the pod chamber from which the Royal Four emerged and the Granilith chamber– a way to a home among the stars. Vasquez Rocks Natural Area Park is located at 10700 W. Escondido Canyon Road in Agua Dulce, between Santa Clarita and Palmdale.


Discover the ensemble that embodied the tale of earthbound extraterrestrials on a page dedicated to the couple who lands at number 8 on our romantic sci-fi TV couples countdown, Roswell‘s Michael Guerin and Maria De Luca.

Fall in love with Roswell from the beginning as you view the show’s pilot episode:

Lovetripper Reader Recommendations

Max and Liz are the definition of love. They are the only couple I’ve ever seen that portrays love perfectly. They show you that love is when you would do absolutely ANYTHING for the other person. It’s about being there for each other 100% and even though times get hard, you know everything is going to be okay because of one single look or smile from the one you love. You trust them fully no matter what. They show you that love is difficult and being in a relationship is difficult but if you just give it a shot, it will all be worth it.– Michelle

I have been obsess with Max & Liz since I was only ten years old. Even now, ten years later, I still aspire to have such a star-crossed relationship such as theirs. Everything about them seemed to fit and they fought for love even when Max was destined to be with Tess. I still read the fanfic & watch the DVD’s & I am STILL taken away by the chemistry, the storyline, the sincerity portrayed.– Faith

I think that Max and Liz is my favorite Sci-Fi TV couple because of their chemistry. In the show the show they truly loved each other against all odds. They always gave you hope no matter how dark the problems were. Even though Max was alien Liz was always their for him and didn’t judge him. Max and Liz were everything to each other even they hurt each other. Plus Max showed you how to treat a girl. They actually made you believe in soul mates.– Courtney

The first couple that got me hooked on romance AND sci-fi. A couple that makes me believe in destiny and the ones that have amazing chemistry! When they look in each other eyes, they can see their souls. Till this day, I still watch my DVDs to watch my favorite tv couple.– Sopheap

Max healed Liz and both connected spiritually and formed a deep love for each other. This healing of Liz affected her in a way that no other normal crush would have. Max allowed Liz to really ‘see him’ when she saw images of his life when they touched. She did EVERYTHING for Max and really respected him and visa versa. There will never be another love like Max and Liz…– Justine

Max and Liz were sweet and pure and romantic and just perfect in every way. Liz was the smart girl next door and Max was the dashing heroic alien from the next galaxy.It was a timeless love match made in the heavens and here on earth.– Joan

Their love surpassed boundaries and what they have is nothing I’ve seen before in other shows. They really set the bar higher…– Anna

They show what true love really is.– Krista

They’re everything I’ve always wanted and more. I’ve never seen anything like it before.– Chris

I believe they are the most romantic couple because (even though they are not real and are just acting) they look into each others’ souls. You can see it in their eyes, and because they both know exactly how one another feel about each other… not only because they can feel it, but they can see it. through the alien “abilities” of Max they are able to get flashes of one another… and not only see what the other has seen, but they are able to feel how the other was feeling at that exact moment. This ability has caused an eternal bond that links them for eternity. I also believe they are the most romantic couple because they beat the odds. They were able to over come every obstacle that came there way: alien hunters, parents, evil aliens (Tess) — and not only be together, but still have time to appreciate each other. Just watch season one episode Sexual Healing… the nose grazes, the passion, the consideration… I do not even know how to describe it. This was one of my favorite shows… I am topsy tervy over which couple i like better… Max and Liz or Michael and Maria… but when it comes down to it I believe Max and Liz are the most romantic couple… not only of this program, but of every program. I only hope and pray that some day I have that kind of romance in my life.– Jennifer

They are soul mates.. what’s more romantic then that! Max risked EVERYTHING for Liz! His Life! and eventually Liz does the same for him!– Karen

I think this is the most romantic couple because even though Max was different, he always acted out with more human kindness than any other actual human being would. He tried to compensate for his being different and that made him so much better to love. Liz stayed by Max through everything, even though the situation with Tess was hard and it did cause her alot of heartache, she loved Max more than her own life as he loved her. They always treated each other with respect and with kindness and like I said, even though they had very hard times and their relationship was almost impossible to continue, they did it and they conquered every challenge. I think this is by far the best love story and Romantic Couple I’ve seen. They deserve to win because when I watch Roswell and see them together, it gives me tingles and makes me wish I had people like Max Evans & Liz Parker on my side.– Jessica

They were born to love each other, they loved each other before they knew each other, and soul mates should never be apart.
Anyone who can stand the tests of time as they did/do, should be the couple of the century…She sacrificed and so did he. True love only comes once and when destiny calls, you take it.– Lori

They had an amazing chemistry that just surpassed all expectations of what love is.– Aileen

Max & Liz were the classic forbidden love story of all time. Those 2 characters made my heart melt just watching them that 1st season of Roswell when it aired in 1999. From the very 1st episode I was hooked. I purchased the DVD’s when they came out years just so I could watch them over and over again. Their forbidden love makes them the super couple of all time.– Angela

From the pilot episode of Roswell it became apparent Max Evans and Liz Parker had a bond between them that no one could
break, even though they didn’t even know each other that well. Then, as episodes went by they got closer and closer together and they could not stand to be apart. Their chemistry made me question what was so great about normal!– Kady

Of all the TV couples that I have seen those two made it look the most real. The looks that they gave each other made you see
two people that were truly in love. The emotion between them felt real the good and the bad times, it made feel part of them. You wanted to find someone to share those kind of feelings with.– Robert

They are beyond connected to each other. They’re desperately in love & amazing… :)– Michelle

A deep storyline, with interesting characters who had to in the end deliberately choose to be together and risk everything they ever knew to do it. Smallville copied the same formula, fitting the Superman model into Roswell.– Steve

It’s a modern show, but they have an on-screen style and presence that remind me of classic films.– Jason

Max and Liz belong together. Whatever happens, they are part of the soul one an other. They are faithful, even when they aren’t together, even when events pull them apart it is so strong they don’t really see anything than each other.– Claude

They look soo good together, both of them are soo hot and cute!!!They are always fighting for their love no matter what, and it feel the chemistry on the screen is so romantic!!!– Ana

Most romantic, full of passion…– Gavra

As a young teen I watched this series and fell in love with the romance of Max and Liz. I recently bought the series on DVD and fell in love all over again. The series is timeless and captivating. It reminds me of the struggles that Edward and Bella go
through in Twilight. No matter how old you are Max and Liz will touch your heart, and bring back memories of your first love.– Misty

Max and Liz chose their own destiny. When everything told them they couldn’t be together, they fought against the odds and made it work.– Erin

I started watching Roswell when I was in high school. There was just something about the idea of a human girl and an alien falling in love, aside from that, there was humor and sci-fi. The fans were robbed. Many of us hated the direction that the show went. To us, season three wasn’t enough to repair all that was done. Despite all that, I’m still a huge Roswell (Max/Liz) fan. At twenty something, this show still manages to pull me in. Shiri and Jason had great chemistry with each other. I mean he risked his life just to save hers. How romantic is that? She doesn’t have to help him, but she wants to. Somewhere between the awkward situations, running from the FBI and trying to find the truth, we got to see a little romance. The writers must have done something right with that because now, seven years after it ended, there are still thousands of fans.– Alysia

The chemistry between the two is untouched by any other couple.– Carolyn

Because they have the most amazing on screen chemistry, they only need a look and you really believe it, so much more than any other couple on screen.– Zoe

Max risked everything when he brought Liz back to life. He loved her from day one. Despite their ups and downs they ended up together because of that love.– Ashley

The intensity of their love for each other. The forbidden Romeo/Juliet aspect of their relationship. How passionate they are for each other and in the end over come all obstacles to be together.– Mandy

In the episode ‘Four Aliens’ Tess tells Liz “Max loves you. Every time we were together. Every time we kissed. He was thinking of you. He had these flashes… that I saw… and… they were always of you.”The acting and script was so good that I believed this. No matter what happened they loved each other. If that’s not romantic I don’t know what is.– Suzanne

Because since the beginning they are meant to be together and Liz said at the end of the show : “I would do anything… if it
means being with you…”They ended up together because it was so obvious…– Morgane

Lax aka Max and Liz is one of the all time romantic couples just for the simple fact their love for me was true honest and they were always meant to be. Their relationship started friends and slowly blossom into true love but what capture me most to their story was Max had been secretly in love with Liz ever since they were in the third grade and the fact that Max was willing to risk being expose as an alien to save Liz’s life, that’s what i call true love. in return Liz risks her life to help Max through situations and Liz brought Max back to life with one kiss– that is what I call true undying love and Shiri Appleby and Jason Behr had amazing chemistry.– Shakirah

Max and Liz went through trials and tribulations in the first season to be together and at the end, Liz let Max fulfil his destiny and he didn’t want that, he wanted Liz. In the second season, they were at odds with each other about the destiny issue and in end, Max got with Tess and Liz got with Sean. At the end, Max let Tess leave with the Granolith and he got back with Liz and they got married… They showed that true love exists, even though that they were 2 different species…. They gave everyone hope to find their own knight in shining armor.– Jeniffer

They had the most amazing chemistry on the show, pure love, sometimes they had it rough but in the end love prevailed!– Lindy

Max and Liz are the sweetest and most romantic couple out there. They are truly in love.– Jaye

I think they are the most romantic couple ’cause it’s the story of being soul mates. And who is not wishing to find his/her soul mate to live happily together ever after?– Nina

Best couple out there. Watch a show of Roswell, you will see.– Matt

Max and Liz really have something special and although there are events that may force them apart, their love for each other still persists and is evident in everything they do. They are the perfect couple and definitely the most romantic!– Bianca

They are the most romantic because they have been through it all and came out getting married. They are the best couple in TV history.– Joseph

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