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Cruise Honeymoons, Destination Weddings & Romantic Getaways 

Cruise Tips

Royal Caribbean's Top Ten Cruise Traveler Tips How to make the most of your romantic cruise!

About Formal Night on a Cruise by Susan Dunn How formal is formal...and how can you keeping from buying your guy a tux he'll wear once?

Destination Weddings For Cruise Passengers

Vow Wows: Shipboard Romance, Victory Chimes, Rockland, Maine by Lisa Matte Declare your love for one another in true maritime tradition when you share your wedding vows aboard Victory Chimes. Celebrating her 100th anniversary on April 15, the graceful sailing vessel is a dream-come-true nuptial setting for couples who answer to the call of the sea.

Romantic Sailing Aboard the Golden Princess by Eleanor S. Morris There's a lovely wedding chapel aboard the Golden Princess, star of the Princess Cruise Lines, that's always ready for nuptials, or for renewing your vows, while sailing the high seas and visiting adventurous ports of call.

In-Depth Articles on Cruise Honeymoons, Cruise Weddings

Romantic Travel Trends for 2009 The new year brings new changes to the romantic travel world, especially in these economically turbulent times. What's ahead for romantic travelers including cruise passengers? Lovetripper.com asked Eleanor Wilson, publisher of TripsandTrends.com, for her predictions.

Tahiti’s Marquesas Islands--Romance in the South Pacific By Rita Cook and A. Anthony Mastracchio What will you remember about the Marquesas Islands? Will it be the ship you will live on for 16 days called the Aranui 3, surrounded by travelers from around the world? Will it be the people you meet on the ship during your honeymoon – 65 people all discovering the Marquesas Island’s together with everyday being a new adventure?

Taking it to the 10th Degree on Celebrity Mercury by Holly Reich It's 8 AM on a cloudless day just off the coast of Cozumel. We are lounging on our spacious veranda surrounded by infinity of sapphire seas. Our butler, John, is setting up breakfast -- white tablecloth, silver vase with a tropical bouquet, a strong pot of coffee, juice and freshly baked croissants. Now, this is cruising…

Cruise into Honeymoon Fun by Paris Permenter & John Bigley The ship gives its unmistakable call, a loud burst of horns to signal that the voyage has definitely begun. Another cruise is underway. Whether you'd like to set sail to romance and adventure, learn about a foreign culture and exotic wildlife, or just spend a few days relaxing in luxury, you'll find that there's a cruise for you.

Carnival Glory: A Kids' Playground by Holly Reich Considering a "familymoon" to blend your new family during your honeymoon? Ore are the two of you looking for a way to combine a romantic getaway and a family vacation? Carnival Glory might be the answer. If you’re traveling with kids they can find their own fun things to do while the two of you take time out.

Setting Sail for Romance by Paris Permenter & John Bigley By the light of a full moon, couples danced on deck. Music was the only sound, along with an occasional flap of the sail. There was no motor noise to interrupt the scene; our vessel, like those that traveled the Italian coast for centuries, was powered by the winds. Our destination: romance.

Connecting Cruise Ship Passengers to the Far Reaches of The Last Frontier--Alaska Cruises

Away to Sea on the Norwegian Sea by Eleanor S. Morris With quality entertainment as well as the adventure of going to the two countries, Mexico and Honduras, the ship has been popular with both new and repeat guests.

Seven Days Before the Mast (Star Flyer Clipper Ship) by Eleanor S. Morris When you picture the words "clipper ship" what does your romantic imagination conjure up? How about a tall ship on the horizon, multiple sails billowing in the winds, flags fluttering from the mizzen-mast, fluffy white clouds in the bluest of skies

America's Cup: Sint Maarten Style by Paris Permenter & John Bigley "Primary grinders, go!" Suddenly our arms were a blur as we, along with two other primary grinders, powered a winch to lift a massive Genoa sail into the wind. Our boat: the Stars and Stripes. Our mission: to win the America's Cup.

Boating in the BVI by Paris Permenter & John Bigley Visitors to the British Virgin Islands are drawn, not by sales, but by sails. These small islands comprise the capital of the Caribbean boating world. Boats of every description, from the royal yacht Britannia to small sailboats, come here year around to enjoy calm waters and a maritime atmosphere.

Ship to Shore to Store (Duty Free Shopping) by Paris Permenter & John BigleyWhatever your heart may desire (or your pocketbook may allow) can be found in the cruise ports of the Caribbean. Fine jewelry, watches, electronic goods, china, crystal, and more tempt travelers with bargain prices.

Showboatin' on the Branson Belle

Romantic Escapes in the Caribbean (Hunter Publishing). Considering a Caribbean cruise? Our entire guide to honeymooning in the Caribbean is available online for free reading! Click here for a table of contents of this entire guidebook.

Focus on Romance: Cruise the Erie Canal by Eleanor S. Morris New York's Erie Canal offers couples a chance to chart their own way to romance by captaining their own canal cruise or by signing on to a sightseeing tour.

Cruising Sweden's Gota Canal by Eleanor S. Morris Take a romantic journey on a hand-excavated canal between two beautiful Swedish cities, Gotenborg and Stockholm, and become part of an unmatched history that stretches over three centuries.

Articles on Houseboating, Private Yachting

Kentucky Houseboat Vacations: Romantic & Fun by Eleanor S. Morris At Cumberland Lake at Grider Hill Dock, there are houseboats for rent, houseboats for two, for four, even more. And if you take one on the right days of the month, three days before or three days after a full moon, you'll see a most romantic sight. It's called Moonbow.

B&Bs to Boats: Kentucky Lodging for Every Couple

Kentucky Houseboats offer Luxury Vacations on the Water

Honeymooning Aboard a Chartered Yacht by Paris Permenter & John Bigley Hoist the sails and gather way. Grip the wheel in your hands and cut a feather through aquamarine waters to a quiet Caribbean cove. Drop anchor and motor a small launch to an empty beach for a gourmet picnic on the white sand. Sound like a boating fantasy? It is, but in the Caribbean, it is also reality.