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Niagara Falls Honeymoons

A lot of destinations come and go as honeymoon hotspots but Niagara Falls has long held a place on the list. Sure, it’s not as popular as it was in the 50s when this was THE place to come for a honeymoon but a growing number of luxury hotels and romantic wineries are again making it popular for romantic getaways. Destination weddings are also becoming more popular at the falls (and think of the wedding pictures you’d have!)

Niagara Falls as a Honeymoon Destination

Niagara Falls really came into the public eye as a romantic getaway with the release of Marilyn Monroe’s Niagara movie. (Don’t ask us why, though. Sure, Marilyn was a honeymooner in the mystery flick—but she’s at the falls working on a way to kill her husband.) At that time, Niagara was a destination of small, romantic cottages with good views of the falls. Today, those cottages are gone, replaced by highrise hotels each with a little different view of the famous falls.

Above: Horseshoe (Canadian) falls

While Marilyn might have brought the public attention to this destination as a honeymoon getaway, she was by no means the first to do so. The daughter of Aaron Burr (later to be vice-president) chose the falls for her ‘moon in 1801, followed just a few years by Jerome Bonaparte (brother of Napoleon) with his bride. Today the falls are a year-around destination (although much more popular during warm weather months).

Check out the pages in this special section to plan everything you need for your Niagara Falls honeymoon, destination wedding, or romantic getaway.


The Falls as an Aphrodisiac

Did you know that some claim the falls--because of all the negative ions created by the cascading water--are an aphrodisiac?


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