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Honeymoons: Everything You Need to Know

Honeymoon. The very word rings with the promise of romance. Although the two of you may take many trips together throughout your relationship, no other journey will hold the same significance as this vacation, your first trip as husband and wife.

This is the trip you want to be "just right." The perfect hotel. The best hotel room. Trouble-free transportation. And romance, romance, romance.

No trip can be 100% perfect–unexpected discoveries and last-minute plan changes can be part of the fun of travel. However, some surprises—the hotel room that throbs with the sound of the adjacent disco, the B&B with a shared bath, the cruise stateroom with twin beds—are best avoided.

That’s where this special section comes in. Working through these pages, the two of you can narrow your honeymoon choices, fine tuning your honeymoon so it satisfies both your travel dreams. With that information in hand, you’ll be ready to narrow your selection of specific accommodations, flights, and cruises.

Throughout this mini-site, you’ll find numerous suggested questions designed to help you plan the honeymoon you’ve already dreamed about. Work through these pages, ask questions about your honeymoon choices, and you’ll keep yourself from reaching your honeymoon destination and wondering "why didn’t we ask about this?" or "why didn’t we think about that?"

Instead, you’ll be able to concentrate on the joy of your honeymoon and the trip of a lifetime.

Where should we go? Where should the two of you go? This page takes a look at your broad options to help you figure out the type of honeymoon you'd like, from beach to B&B.

Top Honeymoon Destinations Around the World Check out this chart to get the wheel turning when it comes to selecting a specific destination. Broken down by continent.

How do we decide? A handy chart for the two of you to work through together, checking off which features--from room features to fun activities--are most important for you to have on your honeymoon.

Caribbean Quiz You and your sweetie can take this quiz to see which Caribbean islands best fit your personality and plans!

Budgeting for Your Honeymoon How to shop around, what "peak," "shoulder" and "off" seasons mean to your honeymoon budget

High versus Low Tourism Season Should you splurge on high season or wait for low season? And what's the difference anyway?

Tourism Seasons A handy chart with high and low seasons for many of the world's top honeymoon destinations

Savings Tips for Your Honeymoon Little ways the two of you can save money on--and for--your honeymoon

Calculating the Cost of Your Honeymoon Print out this page with everything from meals to passports, airfare to activities

The Wedding Night Considerations--from what to do with your dress to how to get to the airport

How Long to Honeymoon A look at the length of honeymoon packages, weekend honeymoons, postponed honeymoons, and more

Choosing a Honeymoon Home Base Should you choose an all-inclusive? A B&B? An inn? A villa?

Emergency Situations on Your Honeymoon No one likes to think about problems on a honeymoon, but here are some handy tips in case you find yourself out of the country with problems

FAQ: Honeymoon Questions to Ask Each Other Before the two of you get too far involved in honeymoon plans, spend a little time asking each other what you want from your honeymoon.

FAQ: The Caribbean We went to a Caribbean travel specialist for the questions you want to know about honeymooning in these romantic isles.

FAQ: Questions about Cruises Considering a cruise honeymoon? Here's a list of questions you'll want to ask about your potential cruise line before making that all-important booking!

FAQ: Questions for Each Other About Cruises Sit down with this list to figure out what type of cruise the two of you would enjoy: large or small, adventurous or relaxing...

FAQ: Questions About Resorts Go through this list of questions with a potential resort or with your travel agent before booking your honeymoon resort!

FAQ: Questions About All-Inclusive Resorts Considering the convenience of a one-price-pays-all package? All-inclusives can be a great option for honeymooners but check on these questions before booking!

FAQ: Questions About B&Bs A bed and breakfast inn can make the two of you feel special--but before you book, ask these questions

FAQ: Condominiums and Villas Condominiums and villas can give you the feeling of a real home away from home. Before booking, though, ask these questions.

FAQ: Private Yacht Charter Honeymoons It may sound like something out of "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" but private yacht charters can cost about the same as a stay at a tropical resort. Like traditional cruises, charter yacht vacations offer a variety of experiences—plus personalized service and plenty of opportunities for custom crafted itineraries.