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Africa Dream Safaris, Tanzania

African Safaris


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Dubai's Burj Al-Arab Hotel:One of the Most Luxurious Abodes in the World by Habeeb Salloum If Sindbad, of Arabian Nights fame, should today sail the shores of the United Arab Emirates, he would be truly surprised to see a giant mammoth sail rising above the horizon and climbing endlessly into the blue sky. ‘A mirage of a giant on an enormous wind surfer', which Sindbad would see, is an apt description of Burj al-Arab Hotel (the Arab Towers Hotel), the United Arab Emirates' magnet for jet-setters and all types of other affluent travellers.


Classic Cairo: Romance through the Ages by Eleanor S. Morris Talk about a romantic destination: Egypt is the world's oldest tourist destination. The ancient Greeks and Romans came to gaze at the pyramids and the Sphinx, still standing for lovers to [more]

Pyramids of Giza Our first visit to the famous pyramids.

Map of Egypt


A Tale of Two Cities: Jerusalem and Tel Aviv

Map of Israel


Sanctuary Zara Spa, Mövenpick Dead Sea, Jordan

Holy Land Knows No Borders

Journey to Jordan

Petra: Rock of Ages

Jordanian cuisine: a taste of hospitality

Map of Jordan


Civilized Weddings in the Wilds of Kenya


Strolling the Souks of Morocco

Shopping the Souks of Morocco--with shopping tips

Map of Morocco

Getaways in Agadir, Morocco


At any given time, only 40 guests share ultimate privateisland experience in the Seychelles

South Africa

Unforgettable Honeymoons Might Mean "Romance in the Bushveld" Helping your new spouse avoid stepping in a massive pile of elephant dung might not be your traditional idea of romance, but, then again, honeymooning in South Africa isn't just about romance. It's about adventure, exploration, and discovery --and that's just the beginning.

The Experience @ Thornybush Game Lodge by African Press Photo Agency At first glance Thornybush Game Lodge is everything that would be expected from a 5 star resort. They have dedicated staff that are loyal to the principles of Thornybush, being service excellence, attention to detail and commitment to their guests needs. But Thornybush Game Lodge has that something extra that one looks for when venturing out into the African heat in search of elusive wildlife.