Europe’s Most Romantic Honeymoon Destinations

Good-Morning-BrugesOnce the manic hustle and bustle of the wedding is past, every couple looks forward to taking a break together. The idea of a honeymoon is so delicious after the months of planning, inviting, and tidying up every detail of the ceremony, that you’ll want to find just the right getaway to celebrate your relationship—and there’s no better way than by visiting one of Europe’s most romantic cities. There are obvious destinations that practically shout “Romance!” all throughout the continent—Paris, anyone?

We think, though, that this list contains the best of the best, including some spots that might just surprise you…

Bruges, Belgium

Belgium’s laid-back second city, Bruges (pictured above) is the perfect place to hide away from the madness of everyday life for a while. A Medieval town out of a children’s story, Bruges is linked together by canals, markets, and tiny cobblestone lanes—and around every corner, you and your spouse can find yourselves sampling waffles, frites, chocolates and beer the likes of which you’ve never tasted. For a little toast on arrival, we recommend checking out Est Wijnbar, a fabulous little wine bar with tasty snacks and a delightful selection of, you guessed it, wine!

Barcelona, Spain

This city is beloved for its relaxed attitude, with supper usually beginning after 10 o’clock in the evening and plenty of nightlife destinations for you and your beloved to discover. It’s also known for its luscious chocolate shops, one of Catalonia’s proud exports, where you can sample piles of the sweet stuff and treat yourself to a romantic snack for later. Explore the historic—and gorgeous—Barri Gòtic neighbourhood, getting lost in its cobblestone alleys. If you’re there in the warmer months, lie out on the beach (easily accessible on foot from the centre of town), before strolling to enjoy a leisurely tapas and glass of local Cava. Spain is the land of relaxation, and Barcelona its shining jewel.

Ibiza, Spain

We all know that Ibiza has some of the best partying in the world—but did you know that it also has a vibrant rural farm culture, as well as some of the most romantic villas for rent in the Balearics? The same happy-go-lucky attitude that you’ll find in southern Europe is turned into a veritable way of life on Ibiza, with white sand beaches that extend for miles, as well as a surprising variety of landscapes, from farms to hills and smaller islands for day tripping that seem pulled straight from the Caribbean. It’s not hard to see why Ibiza has become increasingly popular with honeymooners as well as families and clubbers.

Bolzano, Italy

If you want to cosy up next to one another after a winter wedding, consider Bolzano, the charming heart of the Italian Alps. Enjoy views of snowy mountains in the distance as you snuggle by a fire, or go out for a hearty meal in a local tavern. Bolzano is obviously a fabulous honeymoon pick for a winter retreat, but it also shines in the spring, with flowers carpeting the hillsides and providing a backdrop for sunny walks through the foothills of the Dolomites.


CC Image courtesy of Maman Voyage on Flickr

Palermo, Italy

Sicily is enjoying something of a renaissance in recent years, and it’s worth taking a look at Palermo, its charming major city, for a honeymoon destination that doesn’t feel too overdone. Norman, Arab, and Roman influences can be felt along every street and byway, and the restful piazzas that dot the town are all worth sitting in with a glass of fizz—and without your thank-you card list. Enjoy fine opera performances at the Teatro Massimo, and explore the churches, fountains, and galleries that touch the deep reservoir of culture that the city has to offer.


CC Image courtesy of edweerdt on Flickr


For a real taste of hibernation, disappear into the snowy expanses of Lapland, Europe’s arctic hideaway. You may get lucky and spot the Aurora Borealis during your stay, and we can almost guarantee that the reindeer and coniferous forests of the region will play a starring role in your honeymoon. Plus, with saunas installed in most homes and hotels in the region, you’ll be able to ward off a chill—and heat up your new marriage—in comfort.

Get the most out of your honeymoon with a romantic break that gives you both plenty of time to decompress and explore together. There’s plenty to discover in Europe’s old cities and towns, islands and mountain ranges, if you only take a look. Happy trails!

Top photo: CC Image courtesy of Wolfgang Staudt on Flickr

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