Top Honeymoon Destinations In 2014 Revealed

Cancun-from-the-airYou’ve spent months or maybe even more than a year planning your dream wedding and the date is finally here. But while you paid extra attention to what people were going to eat and what the bridesmaids were going to wear, did you stop and take time to consider your honeymoon destination? After all, it’ll be your first holiday as a married couple and marks the start of your new lives together.

It’s therefore important to choose a destination that affords lots of romance as well as offering sights and activities that you both can enjoy. So if you find yourself in need of inspiration, let us help by giving you some suggestions for your 2014 honeymoon.

Cancun, Mexico

Despite often being associated with American college students on their spring break, Cancun is actually a fantastic destination for honeymooners. Furthermore, newly married couples have been visiting this beautiful destination on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula for decades.

This shouldn’t come as a real surprise though because Cancun offers a plethora of diverse attractions, including white-sand beaches, jungle rainforests and exquisite regional cuisine. For more inquisitive couples, its close proximity to ancient Mayan ruins makes it a great place for a honeymoon adventure.

So if you think Cancun could be the destination you’ve been looking for, why not check out the great last minute holidays from Cosmos to realise your own Cancun dreams.



Perhaps the quintessential honeymoon destination, the Maldives boast deserted beaches that could arguably be some of the most romantic places in the world. One of the planet’s last truly unspoiled places – what better place to spend your honeymoon than the Maldives?

Spanning 35,000 square feet of the Indian Ocean and featuring more than 1,100 coral islands and dozens of atolls, the Maldives are a truly beautiful honeymoon destination that will have you falling in love again and again.



If worshipping the sun on a sandy beach isn’t your idea of honeymoon bliss then what about Lapland? What could be more romantic than seeing the awe-inspiring Northern Lights surrounded by the astonishing natural beauty of Lapland’s magical pine forests?

For couples looking for a honeymoon adventure, Lapland certainly won’t disappoint. Explore the frozen landscape either by snowmobile, husky sled or even a reindeer safari. This snow-covered wonderland is the ideal place to cuddle up in the evenings with your new forever partner.


If you’re a fan of the Mediterranean but don’t enjoy the sometimes crowded atmosphere, Croatia is the destination you’ve been searching for. Despite its gain in popularity, Croatia still affords a blissful holiday and boasts iconic cities like Dubrovnik, which since the 7th century has been a bustling seaport.

For a truly historic experience you should visit Diocletian’s Palace in the city of Split. Now a UNESCO world heritage site, the palace was built in 305 AD by the Roman emperor Diocletian primarily for his retirement. On first appearance it may have the look of a fortress but delve a little deeper and you will find the romantic ambience of a magical palace.

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