Top Five Hotels in Dubai for a Luxury Experience

Nowhere offers up flash and fashion quite like Dubai; in this city, more is more is more. The ultimate Dubai holiday should involve stepping into this desert kingdom and getting the royal treatment. Combining east and west, Dubai offers the best of both to become the ultimate holiday destination.

Lavish super-malls, sandy beaches and extravagant hotels make Dubai a modern paradise, where natural beauty and ancient history meet the imagination of the modern man. Book on hotels Dubai from Expedia and experience this playground of the rich and famous, at half the cost.

Jumeirah Beach Hotel

With just over 600 rooms and villas, a private beach and yacht charters, the Jumeirah is Dubai at its most opulent. Built to evoke a vast surge of new clientele, this five-star hotel boasts every amenity imaginable. Each room has picture windows offering stunning views and there are five swimming pools, a scuba diving centre and even a water park. The Jumeirah Beach Hotel offers the whole family the chance to enjoy the luxury lifestyle.

Atlantis the Palm

Consistent with the almost mythical feel of Dubai, it’s fitting that this hotel takes its name and concept from the one of the greatest mythical civilisations of all time. Built on a grand and audacious scale, akin to a Bond villain’s lair, Atlantis the Palm sits on an artificially made island and has a staggering 1,539 spacious rooms, including 166 suites – but this is just the beginning. Atlantis also features 17 restaurants run by Michelin star champions of the culinary world, a vast water park, underwater suites and a stunning aquarium with 11 million litres of water housing amongst many other things, sharks. It doesn’t get much bigger than this.

Sheraton Dubai Mall of the Emirates Hotel

Designed to accommodate both business and leisure travellers, this 481-room palace boasts restaurants, lounges and a rooftop pool. Its location also adds to its charm, only a short walk from several Dubai attractions and, of course, its direct connection to the famous mall that shares its name – an ideal spot for the fashionable traveller.

Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel

One of the 50 tallest buildings in the world and part of the Emirates Towers Complex, this hotel cuts a striking modernist sight on Dubai’s skyline. A city destination, the Jumeirah offers an understated elegance – understated by Dubai’s standards, that is – with 400 rooms, state-of-the-art business facilities, 16 restaurants and bars and a 25-metre pool. Likewise, the hotel’s clean, minimalist look sets it apart from the rest of Dubai’s ornate offerings.

Al Murooj Rotana Dubai

Practically a city unto itself, the Al Murooj Rotana combines the decadent pleasures of a resort hotel with the conveniences of a city hotel. Only ten minutes away from the Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, it is centrally located and ideal for guests to experience the city. Enjoy one of the 247 rooms or 140 deluxe apartments, tennis courts and a stunning, temperature-controlled swimming pool. Al Murooj Rotana is perfect for the traveller seeking rest and relaxation amid the grandeur of Dubai.

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