Relight Your Fire with these Romantic Winter Getaways

If another stressful family Christmas doesn’t sound appealing to you, it might be an idea to just escape with your ‘someone special’ to somewhere where you can re-ignite the spark on a romantic getaway.

Short breaks to Paris are always a popular choice, but what else is there? The following is a list of other perfect romantic winter getaways for you and your loved one.

The Rhine

Going on a cruise along the Rhine is something that will guarantee you brownie points for years to come. Visit local wine cellars on the way, enjoy gala evenings on the ship and taste the sumptuous French cuisine.

The best thing to do is to combine it with a gorgeous train journey through France and Germany. You’ll also visit the stunningly picturesque towns of Koblenz and Rüdesheim. With romantic surroundings and gorgeous food and wine aplenty, good times will certainly be had!

The Moselle

If cruises aren’t specifically your thing, and if you still want a Christmas-feel to your romantic getaway, visiting the Moselle will be ideal for you lovebirds. The towns of the Moselle are transformed into magical and charming Christmas villages every year.

You won’t feel too bad about not spending your Christmas with your family; there will be too many gifts to choose from at the Christmas markets to make it up to them, so make sure you’ve got adequate space in your luggage!


If Europe isn’t far away enough to escape the Christmas craze, why not explore India? It’s a country that should be on everyone’s list. Instead of deciding what winter coat to spend your money on, just pull out all your summer gear and get ready for a rail adventure to the east!

Explore the colourful, pulsing cities of Delhi and Agra; get the obligatory photo in front of the Taj Mahal; ride an elephant and go see some tigers! It’ll be the trip of a lifetime.

Viva Las Vegas!

Alternatively, you could travel in the other direction, to the good ol’ US of A. The hotels on the Sunset Strip need to be seen to be believed, and food and drink are not just world-class, they’re surprisingly affordable too! If the good times really roll, there are the famous Vegas wedding chapels to top off a perfect getaway for two.

Vegas itself is an incredible place to spend time, but it’s also a great hub for seeing the best the South-West of the States has to offer. Head to LA for some celeb-spotting, or go and marvel at the sheer wonder of the Grand Canyon. You’d be a fool not to take the opportunity to head across The Atlantic.


Finally, if you don’t fancy leaving the country, there are always local attractions that can be spectacularly romantic. The Northern part of the UK allows for romantic weekends in the Lake District and Northumberland’s incredible coast, but go that little bit further and head to Edinburgh, where Christmas cheer really will take you over.

The Prince’s Street German Christmas Market is always magical, as is the Winter Wonderland set up around the city centre. And if you want to get away from the bustling crowds, the gorgeous Scottish countryside is close by, with the snow-capped Highlands a perfect backdrop for a festive holiday for two.


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