Top 5 Cruise Holiday Itineraries for the Perfect Romantic Getaway

Visit some of the most beautiful locations and cities for an unforgettable romantic holiday with Co-op travel cruises — there’s so much on offer!

A Mediterranean dream — 13 nights

If you love the Mediterranean, how about taking a cruise from Southampton, taking in some of the best and most romantic locations on the European coast? From Southampton, you will sail to Gibraltar, the first stop on the tour, to spend a day in this diverse British colony.

After a brief stop in Cartagena in Spain, spend a day in Rome, one of the most beautiful cities in the world famed for its architecture and rich history. Then it’s on to Florence and Pisa to take in these fabulous cities. The next stop is Monte Carlo; spend a day exploring this beautiful and opulent city. The final destination on this Mediterranean tour is the wonderful city of Barcelona with its rich culture, rambling buildings and streets, a great way to finish your tour before heading back to Southampton.

The Norwegian Fjords — 7 nights

From Southampton, the first stop is Stavanger, a quaint and friendly city dating back to the Viking age with lots of traditional architecture. This is a bustling city with lots to see and do. From there, it’s on to Flaam, via beautiful narrow fjords and snow-capped mountains. With further stops in Olden and Bergen, this tour is perhaps a slightly unusual romantic break, but with stunning scenery, exploring the fjords offers a truly unforgettable adventure.

The Atlantic Coast — 9 nights

See the best of Spain, Portugal and Morocco on this fabulous trip. Your first stop is the lovely coastal city of Vigo in Spain, popular with the Romans and famous for its very mild climate. Then you’ll go on to spend a say in the beautifully diverse city of Lisbon, capital of Portugal. From there, you’ll take in Seville, with its rich history, fabulous Moorish architecture and a wonderful selection of cuisine. Then it’s on to Casablanca, Morocco, a truly romantic destination. Again, with so much to see and do, you’ll need to prioritize — architecture, rich culture, scenery, food, Casablanca has it all.

The Atlantic Islands — 11 nights

A perfect trip for sun and beach lovers. First stop is the port town of La Coruña, Spain then it’s on to Madeira, Portugal to begin your island exploration! Then you’ll proceed to La Palma and then on to Tenerife, both in the Canary Islands, and famed for their mild climates. From there you head back to land with a day visit to vibrant Lisbon in Portugal before making your way back to Southampton.

The North Cape — 14 nights

A truly unusual tour, with views to take your breath away, you’ll explore the best of Norway. Through the stunning fjords, you’ll visit Flaam and Ålesund (the most Northern settlement in the world) then it’s on to Trondheim to explore the old city where a rich history awaits. From there you’ll travel around the North Cape and on to Tromsø and its rich polar environment with ancient history – this is a fascinating and unforgettable journey. From there you’ll go on to Bodø, Molde and Bergen with a final stop in the popular city of Stavanger, before making your way back to England.

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