Planning a Romantic Getaway in Europe

So, the holiday is booked, the location is perfect, and it’s that time of year when the days will be warm, the sunsets magnificent with perfect evenings designed for strolls and exploration. Sounds like the ideal romantic getaway, an opportunity to spend time reconnecting with the one you love to reinvigorate your relationship in a tranquil and picturesque location.

This type of holiday is the height of romantic luxury, offering the opportunity to spend quality time away from the hustle bustle of everyday living. Whether it’s a weekend break to a remote countryside hotel or a city break taking in one of Europe’s finest cities you can be sure to have plenty to see and do.

With the pick of Europe’s finest cities within the range of a low cost flight, it’s hard to choose which has the most potential for romance. Classics like Venice are a great option and are guaranteed to deliver an ambience that is perfect for couples. With the stunning range of architecture it’s hard to not get swept away into the history of this great city. A visit to St. Mark’s Basilica with its onion domes and intricate mosaics is sure to take your breath away and light a romantic flame in the hardest of hearts. It may be a cliché, but a gondola ride is the perfect end to any day and a great opportunity for a cuddle as you experience the city from a unique angle.

Many European cities have undergone dramatic revivals over the last decade and none more so than Barcelona. This stunning metropolis boasts stylish, five star hotels alongside a wealth of beautiful architecture. Pride in Spanish culture has allowed a raw authenticity to continue to enthuse the narrow streets, and an atmosphere of relaxed debauchery is all around for the taking.

If your temperature is already running at fever pitch then perhaps a trip to more wintry climes is appropriate. St. Petersburg is the perfect destination for lovers young and old where you can explore all day, then hide away in a sumptuous hotel bed at night. This glorious Russian city is best appreciated during March and April when there is still snow to crunch underfoot, but the temperatures have risen from the brutal lows of the winter months.

Art, architecture and fine wining and dining are all well and good, but if things go according to plan you may well be spending your entire trip within 5 yards of your hotel bed. Rightly or wrongly, the male of the species is very much a visual creature, so packaging can be everything. For the perfect romantic getaway, consider squeezing your day attire into one side of your suitcase and jamming the rest full of the finest expensive lingerie. The Internet has a vast range of options to choose from whether you are looking for plus size lingerie or the sexiest of shoes. Romantic travelers size 18 and over are well catered by a great selection of specialist suppliers ready, willing and able to enhance your natural beauty and guarantee the romantic getaway of your dreams.

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