Where to Go: Bermuda

Bermuda is an easy choice for romantic getaways. We’ve loved each of our trips there and always find there are plenty of reasons to plan the next trip. Even if you’ve traveled extensively in the Caribbean, you’ll find that Bermuda is different because, well, it’s not in the Caribbean!

Located off the coast of the Carolinas, Bermuda has its own distinct atmosphere and its own distinct style. It’s not a cheap getaway–prices here are higher than you’ll find many places in the Caribbean–but it is a fast trip from the East Coast. High season in Bermuda is, unlike the Caribbean, the summer months; during the winter, the days are perfect for golf but too chilly for a dip in the sea so you’ll find lower rates then.

There are so many great reasons to fall in love with Bermuda:

  • the historic buildings that beg exploration:

  • the refined yet relaxed atmosphere of its resorts (like Cambridge Beaches, here):

  • the easy-going style that tempts the two of you to hop on a moped together (there are NO rental cars in Bermuda):

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