Bravo Unveils ‘Newlyweds: The First Year’ on May 6th

Romantics with a love of reality TV are cordially invited to follow four couples from their walk down the aisle to the first 365 days of their journey down the road of life together in the upcoming Bravo docu-series, Newlyweds: The First Year.

In partnership with Emmy Award-winning and Oscar-nominated documentarian Lauren Lazin, the Bravo series chronicles the ever-changing course of the following lovebirds:

Kimberly and Alaska

A bi-coastal couple constantly on the run, New york City celebrity stylist Kim and L.A. director of A&R Alaska struggle to strike a balance between work and wedded bliss. While Kim dreams of setting up home in Harlem, Alaska’s work keeps him on the the City of Angels, and during their first year as Mr. and Mrs. the pair find that their shared religious beliefs– while offering them clarity as a couple– can also pose challenges when trying to maintain a modern-day marriage.

Jeff and Blair

Former European pop star/current entertainment reporter Blair and federal investigator Jeff try to tackle the challenges of a 16-year age gap, contrasting careers and conflicts of character after their one-year courtship leads for an extravagant Savannah celebration of their relationship.

Tina and Tarz

Indian international pop star Tina and Tarz, the president/co-founder of Pandoodle, have struggled to find time together in the past, but hope that their future as husband and wife will change the situation. Together the soul mates must face the pressure of trying to start a family as they deal with tier own parental problems.

Kathryn and John

Giving up her career and city lifestyle to move to the suburbs with a new husband who has lives alone for many years, Kathryn and John find attempt to acclimate to the state of matrimony as they hope for a honeymoon baby and their partnership as husband and wife leads to a business partnership as the owners/operators of a Long Island tanning salon.

Bravo unveils Newlyweds: The First Year premieres May 6th at 10 p.m. ET/PT. Here’s a sneak peek at all of the post-“I do” drama:

Photo Credit: ClipArt

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