A Look at Forever Edward and Forever Bella Wedding Dolls

As the sun starts to set on the Twilight movie franchise, the fans who are walking down the aisle of their local cinema to see Breaking Dawn Part 2 can continue to relive the romance of Bella and Edward’s walk down the aisle from last year’s fourth installment of the vampiric love story thanks to Tonner Doll Company.

Wedding watchers and Twihards alike can currently pre-order the Forever Bella bride doll, which is a faithful 16″ depiction of Stephenie Meyer’s beloved character on the day she said “I do,” complete with a white satin wedding dress embellished with lace appliques and faux pearl buttons. The beauty of the vintage-style vision is enhanced by a white tulle veil and jeweled hair ornament which clings to the doll’s brown Saran tresses; a dainty bouquet; white satin shoes to carry her to her groom; her engagement ring and a painted wedding band.

Forever Edward is a 17″ portrait of Robert Pattinson as Bella’s supernatural soul mate, dressed in a black tuxedo smartly accented by a white boutonniere, pocket square, vest and bow tie. Like his bride, Edward is also wearing a painted wedding band.

The latest in a line of Tonner Doll Company’s Twilight Saga Collection, Forever Bella and Forever Edward will have multiple points of articulation and hand-painted facial detailing.

“I’m a huge fan of ‘The Twilight Saga’ films, and I read all of the books in the series, too. I wound up completely immersed in their world, and it made creating each doll that much more fun,” says Tonner. “It will really be kind of sad to say goodbye to this collection, but it will be a grand farewell and a proper send off.”

Forever Bella (which sells for $199.99) and Forever Edward (priced at $189.99) are available for pre-order at


The following photos offer an up close look at the detail of each doll:

Photo Credit: PR Web/Tonner Doll Company

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