TLC Unveils Little Shop of Gypsies

Her ornate “I do” designs have been woven into the fabric of gypsy and traveler culture in the UK, and now Liverpool dressmaker Thelma Madine of My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding fame is teaching the tricks of the tailoring trade in the new TLC series Little Shop of Gypsies.

Following the program’s nuptial-themed thread over the course of four hour-long episodes, reality TV romantics who were fascinated by the flamboyant frocks fashioned at Nico’s Dressmaking will get a behind the ‘seams’ look at the shop as Madine expands her bridal and formal wear line by taking on 10 traveler trainees who have more interest in reaching for the brass ring in the business world than receiving a wedding ring.

Will creating dream dresses be a nightmare for the new recruits, or will they be tailor made for the fashion profession? Find out when TLC lifts the veil on Little Shop of Gypsies at 10 p.m. ET on October 11th, with an encore broadcast on October 18th.

Photo Credit: TLC

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