Five Classic Wedding Cars

Guest post by Jarrod Cohen, on behalf of Mercedes-Benz of Tysons Corner.

For a traditional wedding, you need a classic car for your getaway. These five classic cars will fit any wedding occasion.


A sleek limousine is, for many people, an iconic staple of traditional wedding festivities. It’s elegant, classy, and adds a spot of luxury to your special day. Not only that, but it has enough room to transport the wedding party to and from different locations, while providing music and drinks to keep things lively. It could serve as a great addition to wedding photos, and can kick up the drama a notch for your final getaway. Splurge on a stretch limo for extra extravagance.

Limo image credit: Mike Babcock on Flickr

Classic American Convertible

It is the ultimate image of a cool, free-spirited couple: the happy pair driving off into the sunset in a well-crafted car, its top down, and their hair flapping in the wind. Incorporate that style into your wedding by including in it one of the many classic American convertibles available. Go with the make you love best – some adore Ford Mustangs, for example, while others prefer a classic Cadillac. If you want your drive out to appear really timeless, look into vintage models. The mid-twentieth century produced countless models that command attention to this day.

Rolls Royce

A Rolls Royce is arguably the most classic vehicle for traditional weddings. Countless blissful couples have been whisked away by this sophisticated style of car on their big day. Models like the Phantom manage to balance old charm with modern elegance. It’s perfect for couples who would prefer to go the vintage route, too. Older renditions are timelessly stunning and, for your getaway, using one is guaranteed to turn heads. Another option is the Rolls Royce Ghost, which is a chauffeur-driven style that keeps gaining in popularity over the years as a wedding vehicle.

Aston Martin

Prince William and Kate Middleton stunned and delighted audiences around the globe when they drove off in an Aston Martin after their marriage ceremony. You might not be able to captivate people on a global scale at your wedding, but you can certainly convey the same level of class. There are plenty of models to choose from, all of which can add classic glamour to your big event, though in slightly different ways. Go with the style that best suits the occasion and your preferences as a couple.

Aston Martin image credit: Philipp Lücke on Flickr

Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz cars are renowned for being beautifully crafted and highly sophisticated. As such, a Benz is an excellent option for your traditional wedding. Vintage models are sure to catch people’s attention, especially the timeless models from the 50’s and 60’s. Contemporary styles can be classic, too. Go with the class that best aligns with your personal style and the overall look of your wedding. It would make for the perfect ending to your excellent, once-in-a-lifetime celebration.

Your traditional wedding occasion demands a classic car. These five options would work well for most weddings geared towards traditional tastes, and would make for the perfect final touch as the happy couple drives away.

Top photo credit: Georg Schwalbach (GS1311) on Flickr.

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