Celebrity Event Planner Preston Bailey Shares Wedding Tips for 2012

For the past three decades Preston Bailey has created lavish looks for high profile happenings and the nuptials of such notables as Ivanka Trump and Liza Minnelli, and on January 7 – 8, 2012 a bevy of brides-to-be will gather a virtual bouquet of wedding wisdom from the celebrity event planner during presentations held at Wedding Faire, northern California’s largest bridal and wedding event in the past 25 years.

Before his speaking engagement at the Santa Clara Convention Center, the renowned event organizer unveils a few “I do” ideas for 2012:

And The Bride Didn’t Wear White: Most brides choose to wear white on their wedding day, but if you love color in your every day life, there’s no reason you shouldn’t have lots of color on your wedding day, too. New York Bridal Fashion Week for 2012 had beautiful gowns in a range of hues from pink to gray to blush and you really can have both – a blend of white with your favorite color. Consider asking your seamstress to sew your favorite colorful fabric to your wedding dress’ crinoline petticoat; as you walk down the aisle everyone will catch glimpses of your favorite color beneath your long white gown. You can also sew a bright, colorful border to the outer edge of your dress. Alternatively, attaching a bright bow with long ribbons to your waist so that strips of color cascade down the back of your dress is another way to add a beautiful accent of color.

Fetching Feathers: There’s something so mysterious and alluring about soft feathers plucked straight from nature, and like flowers, they are excellent for adding color to your wedding dress and decor. Feathers’ striking colors are iridescent and are created by bending light. From different angles, iridescent objects look like different colors. So from one angle, your feather may look deep blue, but from another angle, it might look green with a gold sheen. Talk about wow factor! It works on the runway, and there’s no reason it can’t work down the aisle! Go for either brightly colored feathers that match your wedding color palette, or stick to soft romantic hues like cream, silver and light pink. Paired tastefully together, feathers are perfect to work with, lightweight and colorful, and easy to incorporate into lots of different decorative wedding elements – your hair, your bouquet, the wedding party, d√©cor, favors and more – it’s all fair game!

Park Your Pet: It used to be a bit rare, but incorporating pets, especially dogs, into wedding ceremonies has become a more common and accepted practice in the past couple of years. One of the biggest challenges this brings to the ceremony is extra stress and a greater chance for things to go awry, but for some, it’s just not a party without the pooch. In these types of situations, having a clear plan ahead of time can head off potential problems. Be sure that someone walks the dog before they walk the aisle. This helps prevent the chance of unforeseen “accidents.” Weddings create excitement for all involved, including dogs – that have been known to jump the bride if they get the chance. Brides should do themselves and guests a favor and be sure to keep your dog in a safe place once they finish their part in the ceremony, generally just the walk down the aisle. Do predict that pets are unpredictable. If your pet is uncontrollable, consider having a sculpture of the pet made out of flowers in its place. This way, you also have a special keepsake from the wedding.

Wedding Faire will also feature tips on tying the knot from notable wedding planners Sasha Souza, Bryan Rafanelli and Nikki Khan.

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Preston Bailey offers a peek at his extravagant presentations in the following clip from The Knot:

Photo Credit: Wedding Faire

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