Celebrity Event Planner Bryan Rafanelli Shares Wedding Ideas

The creator of Chelsea Clinton’s dream I do’s as well as an inaugural celebration for President Barack Obama, Bryan Rafanelli is the commander in chief of high profile presentations, and on January 7 – 8, 2012 the celebrity event planner will share his wedding wisdom with a bevy of brides-to-be at Wedding Faire, Northern California’s biggest bridal and wedding event in the past 25 years.

Before his speaking engagement at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, California, Bryan Rafanelli unveils some ceremony ideas for the upcoming year:

Fab, Yet frugal: On food, one fun idea is to switch it up entirely and do all passed food, which ends up saving money and keeping the atmosphere very social. Skip the sit-down meal, the buffet and the courses– from appetizers all the way through to dessert. Just keep your guests mixing and mingling and taking fun little bites of an array of the couple’s favorite foods. Drinks also eat in to your budget, which is why great American wines‚”fancy” beers and one (vodka) cocktail are excellent alternatives to providing a pricey “signature drink.”

Host With The Most: On most occasions, wedding guests have also put a great deal of planning and travel into attending your wedding. Show your appreciation by spending a moment with each guest, if even just a minute or two.

Work With The Weather: Have heat lamps if it’s going to be cool, and umbrellas, even if there is only the slightest chance of a shower.

The Magic Is In The Music: Splurge on entertainment. Whether it’s a high school rock band, a local cover group, or high-energy DJ, the music will be what really sets the mood.

Go Natural: Miniature calla lilies in white and green or lavender and brown are popular for outdoor parties, excellent because they are hearty flowers that add a clean and fresh feel. Trees are also a sophisticated way to bring height to a room while providing a romantic canopy at the same time.

Mix, Match and Miniaturize: Smaller centerpieces are very in, especially in multiple container sizes and shapes. I love the combination of exotic flowers mixed with more classic flowers. Tight bunches of hot pink carnations in square containers, coupled with orchids in another holder can look great, even with mini English roses in another container. It’s all about balance.

You Can Dance: Every wedding needs a dance floor. If renting is not an option, don’t reinvent the wheel. Simply leave an open area in the center of the dining tables. If a grassy lawn is available, hand out foam sandals for ladies with heels. Not only will this prevent their heels from sinking into the ground, but they’re sure to be comfortable!

Photo Finish: The photo booth “back drop” is the new photo booth. The possibilities here are endless, but here are a few suggestions; individual handheld picture frames in a multitude of colors, a favorite quilt, printed fabric or a great architectural element at the wedding location – these are all great options.

Give The Gift Of Surprise: For destination weddings, welcome gifts can add a personal touch. Consider a mini pre-packaged mix of your own signature cocktail, complete with a mini shaker. Also, custom music mixes reflecting the weekend on personalized mp3 players can be a wonderful touch on the more extravagant side. More unique than a bottle of wine and more fun!

Over the course of The Wedding Faire, brides-to-be can also get tying the knot tips from renowned wedding planners Preston Bailey, Sasha Souza and Nikki Khan.

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Photo Credit: Wedding Faire

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