Breaking Dawn’s Wedding Day Glow Created by Classified Cosmetics

By walking down the aisle at their local movie theater, brides-to-be who dream of flawless skin for their big day can discover a product which will produce complexion perfection for their walk down the aisle.

Applied to bride Bella Swan (portrayed by Kristen Stewart) on the day she pledged her eternal love to Edward Cullen in the big screen blockbuster Breaking Dawn- Part One, Classified Cosmetics Aero Minerale® makeup mist can be seen on Bella’s vanity during a pre-ceremony scene. In a case of life imitating art, more than 1,000 cans of the company’s oil-free aerobrush makeup were used on all of the cast members during the movie’s production.

Able to withstand weather changes as the movie’s locales shifted from Baton Rouge to Vancouver B.C. and Rio de Janeiro, the makeup– which which can be pressed and buffed into a high definition, wear/water resistant finish– is a must have for romantics contemplating a destination vacation or “I do.”

“It performed beautifully in water, sweaty love scenes, and did not ruin wardrobe, or bedding” proclaims Allison Gordin, makeup artist on Breaking Dawn.

The Aero Minerale® line currently includes a 5-in-1 makeup primer, 10 versatile shades of foundation, 2 bronzers and 2 illuminating shimmers. It is a hydrating micro-mineral makeup infused with aloe plus moisturizing vitamins and botanicals. Light-weight, natural-looking and long-wearing, Aero Minerale® doesn’t dry or irritate skin like traditional mineral makeup.

The pink metallic Aero Minerale can which was featured on Bella’s vanity during a pre-ceremony scene can be found by Twilight fans at, and The purchase price for the product is $14.99.

In the following video, the founder of Classified Cosmetics unveils the secrets behind Bella’s bridal beauty:

Photo Credit: PRWeb/Classified Cosmetics

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