Poll Results Find Black Wedding Dresses Popular

A witch’s wardrobe or gothic-inspired garb may be the order of the day on Halloween, but how many women would like to extend the trend of wearing a noir number to the day of their nuptials? Over the years brides-to-be have been married to the tradition of exchanging vows in white, but with the recent unveiling of Vera Wang’s collection of dark “I do” dresses the color of night has recently become an intriguing option for those who wish to walk down the aisle in style., the web’s largest opinion-based community, has just released the results of a poll which shows that 63 percent of respondents think that black wedding dresses are “cool,” while only 37 percent think they are “creepy.” Seventy-six percent of singletons also selected the “cool” option, with just 24 percent thinking that somber silhouettes are a fright. Those who already have a ring on their finger have mixed emotions about ringing in the new darkly beautiful bridal designs, with 50 percent proclaiming the color “cool” and the other half horrified by the hue.

What’s your opinion regarding black wedding dresses? Speak now in the comments below, or forever hold your peace!

Photo Credit: Big Stock Photo

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