My Fair Wedding with David Tutera Season 5 Starts in November

Wedding watchers are cordially invited to witness WE tv unveil the fifth season of My Fair Wedding with David Tutera on November 13, 2011 at 9 p.m. ET, with the celebrity wedding planner tapping into his talent to create marital moment makeovers and provide viewers with a bouquet of bridal ideas in the process.

Reality TV romantics can revel in all the ceremony splendor shown during 18 hour-long episodes, with each program showcasing themes which range from goth to glam:

“Make-A-Wish” Bride

A teenage boy who received a life-threatening cancer diagnosis uses his Make-A-Wish request to grant a dream I do to his mother, who put her plans to pledge her devotion to her fiance on hold to care for her child as he fought the devastating disease. David Tutera creates a ceremony that’s a celebration of life in an emotion-filled episode.

Fashionista Bride

Her budget spent on her wedding day wear, bride Folshi must now find a wallet-friendly way to turn her Marie Antionette-inspired I do’s from reverie to reality.

Goth Bride

Christina has embraced the dark side for her wedding preparations. Not only has she chosen the somber shade for her gown and attendants’ attire, but her selection of skeletons, skulls and spider ornamentation threatens to transform her vision of a romantic vow exchange into a noir nightmare. But when David Tutera takes Christina to a bridal salon the sight of all the white dresses gives her a fright, leaving the wedding guru with the task of creating dim-hued I do’s which hold the promise of a bright future ahead for the bride and groom.

Tuscany Bride

Jane wants to arrange Italian-influenced I do’s, but her spin on Tuscan style is skewed and when both her father and fiance lose their jobs its up to David Tutera’s skills to save her southern California ceremony.

Dragonfly Bride

Turning to a symbol of hope after a tragic loss, bride Regina has chosen a dragonfly-theme for her I do’s, but the green gowns chosen for the bridesmaids are ghastly, the bride’s frock is frayed and no reception repast has been planned for the backyard ceremony. Wedding watchers will be wowed as the celebrity wedding coordinator turns a fiasco into a flight of fantasy.

Hollywood Glam Bride

Bride Benita wants to walk down the aisle in star style, but the Old Hollywood ornamentation she’s chosen look more like cheap tinsel than classic Tinseltown.┬áTutera teaches the bride how to add nostalgic nuances as they flip through the fashions of the ’40s, ’50s and ’60s.

Other marital motifs which will take center stage over the course of the season include:

April in Paris Bride
Hawaiian Luau Bride
Shabby Chic Bride
Picnic Bride
Asian Fusion Bride
Motown Bride
…and more.

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Photo Credit: Steve Herbert/Getty Images for WE tv; Chris Ragazzo/ WE tv

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