Historic Inn Offers Complimentary Rooms for Winter Weddings

Constructed and lived in by the son-in-law of Thomas Jefferson, The Clifton Inn holds a place in the nation’s history, and this winter the Charlottesville, Virginia venue will hold a place in the personal history of pairs who will pledge their love surrounded by the pristine beauty of the serene sanctuary.

Although the manor house plays host to more than 100 weddings each year, from December 2011 through mid-March 2012 twosomes who tie the knot at The Clifton Inn will receive a special gift from the grand getaway site– the entire selection of guestrooms (up to 17 in all) included at no charge.

Along with the opportunity to share the special day with family and friends close at hand, The Clifton Inn also offers the expertise of a day-off wedding coordinator and a personal assistant so the bride and groom can relax and revel in the romance of the moment.

Friday and Saturday weddings include the use of all 17 guest rooms. There is a $2,750 privacy fee for the main house in order to close the restaurant to the public, and a food and beverage minimum of $5,000. Sunday- Thursday weddings include the use of 13 guest rooms and have a $1,500 privacy fee for the main house, and a food and beverage minimum of $2,500.

This offer is valid only for exclusive use weddings utilizing the main house. Additional rooms and nights will incur additional costs. Rates exclude service fees and taxes. Offer is for new bookings only.

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Photo Credit: The Clifton Inn

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