TLC Unveils Extreme Royal Collections

Although Prince William and Kate Middleton’s walk down the aisle will soon be a monarchical marital memory, memorabilia will help royal watchers hold on to the magic moment for years to come.

From quirky keepsakes to commemoratives┬áthat cost a king’s ransom, TLC explores the passion of ceremony souvenirs as part of their week-long wedding coverage in the upcoming special, Extreme Royal Collections.

While every man and woman’s home is their castle, collectors find that royal dolls, plates, figurines and tea towels can add an additional regal touch to any avid Anglophile’s abode. During the 60-minute special collectors from around the globe will show off their treasures, which will include a number of nuptial-themed items from the weddings of royals past and present.

Tune in to Extreme Royal Collections on April 27, 2011 at 10 PM ET during TLC’s Royal Wedding Week.

Enjoy two sneak peeks at the royal ceremony souvenirs that will be on display during the TLC special:

Photo Credit: TLC

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