VH1 Premieres My Big Friggin Wedding Nov. 1,2010

The big day equals big drama for five pairs of fiances when VH1’s upcoming “I do” documentary series My Big Friggin Wedding, from the producers of Jersey Shore, premieres on November 1, 2010 at 9 pm ET.

Ten episodes will capture all the amplified anxiety and joy as lovebirds from Long Island and New Jersey deal with pre-ceremony stress ranging from family feuds and bachelor/bachelorette bashes that could bring an end to marital bliss before it even begins to post-wedding worries including a dispute over reception decor. Will they get the wedding of their dreams or a nuptial nightmare?

The couples committed to tying the knot are:

Tammie and Danny— A maritally-minded twosome from Massapequa, NY, she’s a Long Island princess whose idea of happily ever after includes a baby, while he’s divorced with three children. Will she sign her name to a pre-nuptial agreement? How does the bride’s family feel about their soon-to-be son-in-law?

Amanda and Matt— He’s a true blue Jersey boy with two tattoos– one of the garden state and another of his mother. She’s a strong-willed Dominican girl. Can their feelings for each other build a bridge between their differences?

Megin and Johnny— He’s the “Meatball King of New Jersey. The queen of his heart is anxiously awaiting the birth of their child so she can shed the baby weight before the wedding.

Alyssa and Tyler— Can these two party animals be tamed before tying the knot?

Sandra and Joey— She’s worried about her wedding day weight while he’s concerned about meddling family members. Will their volcanic emotions erupt before they exchange vows?

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Photo Credit: VH1

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