Landmark Tampa Restaurant Offers Open House for Couples Planning Weddings

Twosomes looking to tie the knot in Tampa are invited to The Rusty Pelican restaurant on January 16, 2010 for a free open house featuring all the wedding-related wonders that the waterfront facility has to offer future brides and grooms.

From 10 a.m. until 13:30 p.m., couples can sample the eatery’s hors d’oeuvres, gain insight into the services and products provided by the venue’s preferred photographers, florists, DJ’s, etc, and walk among the various sites where ceremonies can take place, including:

  • The Grand Ballroom: the largest room, complete with a private entrance– where up to 250 with dancing (350 without dancing) can gaze out on the bay.
  • The Coral Room: Features a built-in bar, a private entrance, and space for up to 100 people dancing (120 guests without dancing).
  • The Tampa Room: For intimate gatherings, up to 52 friends and family can be accommodated with dancing (80 without) in a room which features a private entrance and view of the bay.
  • The Pelican Room: Wall to floor ceiling windows frame a view of the garden and Tampa Bay– a sight which can delight up to 110 guests with dancing (150 without dancing). This facility is adjacent to the Bay Room.
  • The Bay Room: Up to 60 guests can gather near the room’s fireplace, which warms the body as rays of light through a stained glass window add a reverential tone to warm the soul. This room also offers a private entrance.
  • The Wedding Gazebo: Couples can let nature be their cathedral as they look out on Tampa Bay during a ceremony conducted in the garden.

Offering further incentive to say “I do” at The Rusty Pelican, the restaurant will waive the $650 gazebo charge for any wedding booked before January 31, 2010, so couples will only have to pay $100 for setup.

When: January 16, 2010 from 10 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

Where: The Rusty Pelican restaurant at 2425 North Rocky Point Drive in Tampa, Florida.

For more information:

The following clip provides a closer look at the “I do” opportunities offered by The Rusty Pelican:

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