Just Married: How Do You Plan to Decorate Your Car?

Do you have an idea how you’d like to decorate your wedding getaway car? And do you want to decorate the car yourself or would you rather friends took on the task–or would you rather rent a car/limo for the evening?

Well, according to a recent poll of 500 people by the popular car lease transfer site, 37 percent of respondents prefer to decorate their own getaway car as opposed to renting temporary transportation for the evening.

Just how those who were surveyed would choose to decorate their wedding car won’t be a surprise to anyone interested in a destination wedding: themes ruled the day. Here are the top four themes the customers of selected as the best wedding getaway car themes–along with the car they’d choose to decorate!

Exotic / Beach Theme: Breath-taking venues, warm hues, great weather, and flavorful food make exotic weddings a top choice for many summer weddings. Combining both exotic flowers and weaved palm leaves creates a very tropical contrast. The vibrant colors are accentuated by the green background. Adorn the back of your convertible with weaved palm leaves and beautiful flowers. Vehicle Pairing: BMW M6 convertible.

Traditional Theme: For many generations, stringed cans and the words “Just Married” were what you’d expect to see on a getaway car. Fast forward to today, give your car the old-fashion treatment with the modern twist. Custom make your appliqué in accordance to the same typography and colors that you used for your invitations. Apply the appliqué to the side or back-window of your car. Vehicle Pairing: Jaguar XKR.

Eco-Chic Theme: Mini Coopers are great cars for couples who are both concerned with being environmentally responsible (37 mpg) and making a chic impression on their wedding day. Dress up your Mini Cooper with mini bouquets and embellished ribbons on your special day. Opt for flowers that were grown by local farmers as well as organic cotton for the ribbons. Visit your local arts and crafts store and sew on small rocks to give a stunning contrast to the delicate fabric. Vehicle Pairing: Mini Cooper.

Hollywood / Modern Theme: Nothing says Hollywood louder than lights. When making your getaway, have runway lights shining on your car. A semi-transparent fog will allow your lights to create a streaming effect. Are crystals a main part of your wedding? Carefully apply crystals to the front grill of your car for a more fabulous effect. Vehicle Pairing: Bentley GTC.

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