11042008: Advice for Buying Wedding Dresses Online

In today’s troubled economic times, women about to walk down the aisle often find themselves roaming the web in search of money-saving ways to make their wedding day dreams a reality. Should the cost-conscious option of shopping online for bridal attire be considered by budgeting brides when making a decision on an “I do” dress? Top London designer Johanna Hehir offers her advice on the subject of internet wedding apparel:

“Many brides are tempted by the hundreds of websites offering wedding dresses for sale on-line, but it is very much a case of, buyer beware. In addition to established retailers, there are now a considerable number of wholesalers and manufacturers offering to sell direct to the public, at what appear to be very competitive prices”.

“Even though the prices are generally much lower than retail, it is virtually impossible for the bride to know if the dress shown on the website, will in fact be anything like the dress she actually receives. Some factories actually lift images from other designer’s sites and pass them off as their own. What they are supplying is often a cheap, badly made copy of the original”.

How can brides-to-be avoid the pitfalls of online purchasing? The couturier suggests the following:

“Brides tempted to buy on-line should always get references or testimonials and only deal with reputable companies, who they can trust. If at all possible, it is advisable to try the dress on first to check the style and size, as returns can often be difficult”.

“Most websites sell standard sizes and the dress will probably need to be altered to fit, so brides should ensure they leave enough time for this. Brides should pay particular attention to measuring themselves correctly and if they are not sure, get someone else to help them. Remember that it is always easier to take a dress in than to let it out”.

To allay cost concerns for potential customers, Johanna Hehir has recently launched her own online site, with designs at up to 50% off the retail price for the designer’s standard styles. Although sacrificing the luxury of of on-site alterations, this option offers brides worldwide the opportunity to afford a Johanna Hehir creation.

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