80826: Bachelorettes Sought for TV Pilot

We’ve received several notices this year from television shows looking for brides-to-be, all to be featured in upcoming episodes. Here’s the latest. Brides Night Out® is hunting for brides-to-be along with her bachelorette party guests to feature in a television pilot. The casting call, titled “Project Adjustment: Bachelorette to Bride,” invites engaged brides to submit their best single girlfriend stories. The project launches Monday, September 1, 2008 on and

The winning bride-to-be with the best story will be chosen on September 12, 2008, and will win a bachelorette party of a lifetime and be featured in a TV show pilot.

The rules: All contestants must be engaged and all participants must be 21 years of age or older, and be in the Southern California area at the time of the party.

When you enter: Contestants will be asked for specifics on the single life they are leaving behind in favor of marriage, and for a photo of each of their friends in their bachelorette party.

“Being a former stand-up comedienne,” said Brides Night Out® founder Pamela Yager, “we are looking for entertaining and dramatic stories of the wild adjustments that people go through as they leave single life behind in favor of coupledom. Tell us about your bachelorette bewilderment and single shock; we want to hear it all.”

The TV pilot will be shot in the Los Angeles area this Fall and is produced by Brides Night Out, Inc. in association with Story House Productions (

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