2008616: How to Lose Weight While Eating Like Royalty On a Cruise

You’re watching your weight for the wedding or your second honeymoon. You’ve watched the pounds fall off and already shopped for a new wardrobe for your trip.

But how can you keep the weight off during the trip…especially if that trip’s a cruise?! We all know the temptations of a cruise…the numerous onboard restaurants, the midnight buffet, the decadent desserts.

We just ran across a new book by Michael Webb (best known as The RoMANtic, a romance expert who has appeared on Oprah.) His new book is called “How To Lose Weight While Eating Like Royalty On a Cruise” and Michael shows that it can be easy to lose weight while being on a cruise is because you’re already doing plenty of fat-burning exercise every day. The two of you will be walking around the ship, shopping, swimming, rock climbing, snorkeling, scuba diving, dancing at midnight discos…the list goes on. The problem comes from making bad food choices too often and eating too much.

Michael’s book goes through all the necessary steps to ensure you don’t gain weight and might even lose weight while enjoying your vacation.

The first half of the book contains a mix of both basic and not-so-well-known tips to keep the weight off, while the second half suggests ways to add more activities and exercise to your cruise. Don’t miss the tips in the exercise section on ways to AUTOMATICALLY exercise more by making some very smart choices early on.

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