80402: Disney Designer Offers Bridal Gowns

Costume designer Deborah LaFranchi, known for her television and film designs plus and her other contributions to Disney’s theme park development in the United States and Tokyo, has unveiled her 2008 bridal collection.

Since the opening of her bridal division in 2006 , Deborah LaFranchi has become a leading bridal couturier for VIPs. LaFranchi have designed over 100 theatrical productions in the Los Angeles area over the last 20 years.

LaFranchi smiles at the comparisons with Vera Wang: “I am flattered when fashion editors and entertainment critics write nice things about my work. What impresses me the most about Vera is her dedication and work as the youngest fashion editor at Vogue Magazine and the exceptional work she later did for Ralph Lauren. I admire her sense of simplicity—when it comes to wedding gowns less is more.”

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