80401: More Wedding Companies Going Green

We’re seeing more and more wedding vendors offering green options for wedding couples. Some, of course, are limited geographically but the ideas are ones that you can take with you whether your wedding is in Boston or Barbados.

For couples in the South Shore and greater Boston area, Five Star Concierge Services will recover leftover items and redirect them accordingly to hospitals, assisted living facilities, food banks, shelters and local organizations. This includes picking up the floral arrangements, centerpieces, non-perishable food and other items that are usually left behind after an event.

“We’ll even pick up the bride and bridesmaids dresses and deliver them to charitable foundations that resell or redirect the dresses for various causes,” said Client Services Manager, John Morgan.

Wherever your wedding will be, permits environmentally friendly brides and grooms to set-up a gift registry and view products and services from ecologically sensitive merchants.

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