Theme Weddings

Just what is a theme wedding? Whatever you would like to make of it! If the two of you have a favorite hobby, a favorite movie, a favorite time period, you can choose to incorporate that interest in your wedding and reception to create a one-of-a-kind event that's truly you.

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Wacky or Wonderful? Unusual Weddings

Discovering the simple secrets to making your dream wedding a theme wedding

Halloween Weddings

  • Halloween Weddings Check this page for haunted castles, inns, and B&Bs where the two of you can plan weddings!
  • Halloween Weddings in Las Vegas Halloween is one of the top wedding days of the year in this city. Check out the many Halloween packages--from Goth to Rocky Horror--offered by one wedding chapel.

Castle Weddings

  • Renaissance, Medieval, and Castle Weddings Check out our mini-site with articles on Renaissance festival weddings, castle weddings, Renaissance wedding trivia, festivals where you can exchange vows, and lots more!
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A theme wedding held at the Texas Renaissance Festival
photo courtesy Texas Renaissance Festival

Renaissance Weddings

Skating Wedding

Skydiving Weddings

Underwater Weddings

  • USVI Couple Ties the Knot--Underwater Ready to take the plunge? More and more couples are choosing the US Virgin Islands for destination weddings but when John Santino and Toni Wilson planned their wedding, they opted to go one step further. The couple, who exchanged vows on Saturday, September 13, 2003, planned the world’s largest underwater wedding.

Western Weddings

  • Western Wedding Round-Up by Rose Smith Yipee yahoo! You've decided on a Western wedding theme and now it's time to get down to the planning stages. In this idea-filled ebook, you'll discover tips and ideas ranging from interesting centerpieces to fun favors to some unique entertainment suggestions. Also included are links to great western wedding sites, bridal attire, and more.