Reader Tip on Saving On Your Wedding Music

Most venues and sound technicians now will allow you to make your own playlist on your iPod to hook up and use and will still announce all of your big moments. It is a great way to save money and guarantee that you hear all of the tunes that make the day special for you. […]

Reader Tips on Saving on Wedding Flowers

Buy a bouquet at local supermarket florist. They usually will make it for you for a much cheaper price. — Eileen T You can make a beautiful center piece for tables by simply getting some small glass vases and filling with flowers from a local market. Place some petals around base of vase and you […]

Reader Tips on Saving on Beach Weddings

In smaller beach towns, you can get away with a beach wedding without having to purchase a permit, particularly if the reception hall is on or near the beach. Additionally, smaller beach towns are more willing to accommodate you because they don’t have the traffic of the larger cities. Call the local chamber of commerce […]

Reader Tips on Cutting Restaurant Costs

Go to upscale restaurant to eat lunch, not dinner. You’ll get same food for much less. — Alexander My husband Howard and I share all our meals, including dessert. We save lots of money, lost weight and had more than enough to enjoy our dining pleasure. Really works great! Take sandwiches instead of eating out. […]

Reader Tips on Saving On Your Cruise

On a cruise or river trip take the cabin on a lower deck or with the smaller window. It saves money and does not compromise the pleasure of the trip at all. — LSP When going on that fun cruise, remember to take along an empty plastic water bottle for each of you. Why empty? […]

Reader Tips on Researching Your Trip

Recently we asked our readers for their favorite travel tips. We’ll be running these by subject; today we look at ways to save money by doing your research before you make your plans. If you have a money-saving travel tip, send it to us! We’ve got a handy online form on the right side of […]

Help Us Identify This Castle

We received this letter from a reader yesterday: I came across your website, and am hoping you can help me out. I am trying to discover the location in the attached photo? It is not the best quality photo, but there is definitely a castle/tower in the background with this rather unusual garden. I think […]