TLC Unveils New Season of My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding April 3

Reality TV-watching romantics are cordially invited to witness a new season of ceremony excess as TLC celebrates “I do” diversity on My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding. In the premiere episode the veil is lifted on the love story of a Romany Romeo and Juliet who are resolute in the desire to join their lives […]

TLC Unveils Bling It On

Reality TV-watching romantics who tuned in to see the opulent :I do” dresses donned by US traveler brides on My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding will get a behind the ‘seams’ glimpse at the designer who creates the crystal-encrusted ensembles as Sondra Celli lifts the veil on her bridal business in the TLC series Bling […]

Sondra Celli Creates Dresses for My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding

For the past two seasons of My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding reality TV-watching romantics have been intrigued by the ornate “I do” dresses created for UK traveler brides by Thelma Madine, and on April 29th fans of flamboyant frocks will be introduced to a designer whose nuptial numbers are woven into the fabric of the […]