Just Married: How Do You Plan to Decorate Your Car?

Do you have an idea how you’d like to decorate your wedding getaway car? And do you want to decorate the car yourself or would you rather friends took on the task–or would you rather rent a car/limo for the evening? Well, according to a recent poll of 500 people by the popular car lease […]

10242008: Think Pink When Choosing A Bridal Bouquet

While traditional brides may prefer the pristine palette of white for the floral finery they carry when they file down the aisle, many modern day soon-to-be Mrs. think pink when choosing a wedding day bouquet. From just a hint of the hue to passionate hot pink petals, a burst of color can bring a bit […]

80419: 311 Travel Bag’s Bridal-Inspired Carry-On Bags for Traveling Twosomes

As couples embark on life’s journey together, it’s necessary to pack the essentials. 311 Travel Bag has made globetrekking for brides and grooms easier with the introduction of their new Clear Bag System Bridal. The system includes six his and hers pump and spray bottles playfully “dressed up” in wedding wear, including a pair of […]

Lovetripper’s Interview with The Original Runner Co.

As a bride takes her first steps toward forever with the one she loves, an aisle runner is often used to pave her path. From the classic simplicity of solid colors to elaborate printed patterns, today’s bride has a bouquet of options when choosing this all-important altar-bound accessory. Having provided a touch of runway romance […]

80401: More Wedding Companies Going Green

We’re seeing more and more wedding vendors offering green options for wedding couples. Some, of course, are limited geographically but the ideas are ones that you can take with you whether your wedding is in Boston or Barbados. For couples in the South Shore and greater Boston area, Five Star Concierge Services will recover leftover […]

80328: New Demand for Blue Flowers Reported

If you are planning a wedding with a blue color scheme, you know there are a limited number of blue flowers to select from…but apparently that’s not keeping demand down for blue silk flowers. In the first three months of this year, reports a 350% increase for orders from soon-to-be-wed couples looking specifically for […]

80321: Heirloom Hourglass Now Offers Sand Unity Ceremony Accessories

“To see a World in a Grain of Sand and a Heaven in a Wild Flower, Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand and Eternity in an hour.” Although William Blake penned the lines in the 18th century, the poet’s words are timeless and capture the emotions of couples to this day as two […]