How Americans Are Cutting Back This Summer

Are the two of you vacationing this summer? According to a new poll released by Chase Card Services, more Americans are enjoying summer fun–including vacations–this year as compared to last summer.

According to the poll:

  • 57 percent of Americans between the ages of 35 to 44 are planning to take a vacation this summer  and 59 percent of that group will plan a road trip with 56 planning a beach getaway.
  • Overall, a road trip ranked as the most popular activity with 55 percent of those polled planning a road getaway.
  • Movies ranked as the second most popular activity with 53 percent planning a movie outing.
  • Summer music concerts were the third top activity with 38 percent planning one.
  • Minor league baseball game outings were planned by 26 percent of those polled.

The high number of close to home activities showed that economic worries are still on the minds of many.

How are people cutting back? According to the poll:

  • 16 percent said they’d skip the typical summer vacation for a weekend or longer (compared to 29 percent last year)
  • 19 percent said they would be cutting back on summer purchases like BBQ grills or pool memberships (compared to 23 percent last summer)
  • 12 percent said they’d trim summer activities like summer camp or Little League (compared to 15 percent last year)

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