Saving Money on Your Cruise

Cruises were once the vacation of the rich and famous…but no more. Cruises can be a very economical way for the two of you to travel.

Saving Money on Booking a Cruise

  • Book online.
  • Buy directly from the cruise line.
  • Ask your travel agent for the best deal he or she can obtain.
  • Book early and save 10-40%.
  • Pay in full when you make your reservation for savings.
  • Consider traveling as a standby passenger. Standby passengers are usually notified if they made the list 2 to 3 weeks prior to departure.
  • Ask for discounts or special packages when you book. Discounts are available for seniors 55 plus and if you’re a member of certain organizations like AAA or AARP.
  • You might be eligible for a discount if you’re sailing with a group.
  • Look for specials are often offered such as buy one get one free.
  • Sign up for cruise newsletters to keep abreast of the latest deals.

Saving on Your Cabin

  • The cost of your cruise is largely determined by the cabin you select mainly determine the cost of the cruise. The size of your cabin and its location on the ship will greatly impact the price.
  • Interior cabins are cheapest with no view; but, unless the two of you plan to spend a lot of time in the room, this won’t matter.
  • Cabins with a window or a balcony are more expensive which could be worth the money if you’re sailing where scenery is abundant such as the Inside Passage.

Saving Money Based on the Time of Year

  • Travel in the off-peak season means the lowest rates. For example, save by sailing the Caribbean the first week in December before high season kicks in (or sign up for a low-cost summer Caribbean cruise.) Alaska cruises are cheaper in early May or late September.
  • Repositioning cruises are a bargain if you like to spend most of your time at sea. Usually in the spring and fall, ships are moved from one part of the world to another depending on the sailing season. The only way to get ships to another location is to sail them and it’s more cost efficient to have revenue-paying passengers on board.

Other Ways to Save On Your Cruise

  • Be loyal. Just like frequent flyer clubs with the airlines, cruises have clubs to reward repeat trips. The more you sail with a line, the more discounts and perks you’re offered. You usually have an opportunity to book again while on the current cruise at a discount.
  • Find out just what’s included. Ask questions before you finalize your plans: are drinks included? sodas? what will the port charges be on this cruise?

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