Reader Tips on Cutting Restaurant Costs

Go to upscale restaurant to eat lunch, not dinner. You’ll get same food for much less. — Alexander

My husband Howard and I share all our meals, including dessert. We save lots of money, lost weight and had more than enough to enjoy our dining pleasure. Really works great!

Take sandwiches instead of eating out. — Pauline

When my husband and I go on a romantic beach vacation, we always find a fresh seafood store and buy shrimp, which we cook when we get back to our room. We light candles and have a very romantic dinner
nickname = SB

Bring a cooler for light meals like crackers and cheese, yogurt, fruit, pb & j sandwiches, etc. — Audrey

Pack romantic meals instead of paying a lot at restaurants. — Tammy

Share your meals. — KC

Instead of going into a restaurant, we buy lunch and sometimes dinner from street vendors. — Connie

Get a hotel with continental breakfast. — Talya

Always pack snacks so you need not buy the expensive vending machine (food). — Linda

Share desserts. — smk

Take a cooler with pop and other drinks, much cheaper then buying as you go. — Dawn

Money saving travel tip is to buy snacks, candy, and carry them in your travel bag. They so much cheaper than buying in a foreign country and within an airport. Kmart-WalMart beats the heck out of the other. — SW

Always eat a hearty breakfast if one is provided as part of your accommodations. You can have an al fresco snack of local fruits, cheese, and bread for a light lunch and be able to splurge a bit for dinner. — Nancy

At home, pack two sturdy plastic cups and packets of instant lemonade or tea mix. You can have a refreshing drink without paying an arm and a leg for it, plus it’s a little familiar taste of home when you’re far away. Enjoy! — Nancy

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