Reader Tips on Budgeting, Saving On Your Wedding

Less is more! — Diane

Most of the times getting chair covers with a matching sash for your wedding is not worth it. People are less likely to remember what type of chair they sat on. Hopefully your entertainment is so good that people won’t even be sitting for most of the night. 🙂 — J.M.

Just don’t buy things just to buy them! — NikkiG

Choose what’s really important to you – – great photos or beautiful flowers – – and put your money toward that, rather than trying to throw money at every aspect of the wedding! — SB

To be sure you don’t go over budget, budget 10% less than you really want to spend! — PK

Write out a preliminary budget and make sure to get estimates from all vendors, — smk

Having a wedding planner is such a MUST. — Jules

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