Five Fun–And Nearly Free–Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s

This Valentine’s Day, we’re all looking for ways to save money. But remember, the best things in life are free and that includes ways to celebrate your love. Here are five ways to show your Valentine how much he means to you…without spending any more than you would on a typical night at home.

Prepare a special Valentine’s dessert for you and your Valentine. Focus your attention on your loved one’s favorite dessert. If he’s a fan of chocolate, you can make a molten chocolate mini cake for each of you. Tiramisu is another easy dessert option. Not the baking type? Make a fruit parfait. Create layers with store-bought pound cake, vanilla pudding, and fresh fruit to make the parfait, crowned with whipped topping.

Spread a blanket on the floor of your living room to create a special dessert picnic for Valentine’s Day. Light candles around the room to set the mood. Place some pillows around the edge of the blanket. Turn on your favorite soft romantic music.

Watch a romantic movie on your picnic blanket after you have enjoyed your Valentine’s Day dessert. Open a bottle of wine and relax as you watch a movie–or a movie marathon–of romantic flicks.

Slow dance with your Valentine after the movie is over. This traditional way to celebrate Valentine’s Day is often forgotten. Who says you have to be at a fancy restaurant to slow dance with the one you love? Place a couple of slow romantic CDs on repeat so that you don’t have to end your special slow dance.

Celebrate your romantic Valentine’s Day by giving each other a massage. Who needs a spa for this day of love?

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