Romance Hall of Fame: Top 10 Romantic Travel Movies

Through the magic of movies, viewers can not only vicariously live out romantic fantasies, they can also enjoy a virtual vacation wherever they please. In a Lovetripper poll, readers chose the following flicks as the most romantic cinematic sojourns of all time: #1 Titanic— Both the splendor and the sorrow of the doomed Whitestar liner […]

Titanic: #1 in Romance Hall of Fame Romantic Travel Movies Category

Although the waters of the Atlantic have acted as a shroud since the pre-dawn hours of April 15, 1912 for those lost during the maiden voyage of the RMS Titanic, the waves which silenced 1,517 souls still ripple like an echo of the past in the ocean, beckoning to all in the present to keep […]

Somewhere In Time: #2 in Romance Hall of Fame Romantic Travel Movie Category

“Love vanquishes time. To lovers, a moment can be eternity, eternity can be the tick of a clock.” — Mary Parrish The passage of the years has done little to slow the steady tick of the antiquated pocket watch carried by playwright Richard Collier. Bequeathed by a seeming stranger, its rhythm mirrored the heartbeat of […]

P.S. I Love You: #3 in Romance Hall of Fame Romantic Travel Movies

Although unable to walk through life with his wife Holly (played by two-time Oscar winner Hilary Swank), Gerry’s (Gerard Butler) epistles after his passing help to guide the woman he loves back on to the path of happiness in a heartwarming movie that leaves its viewers reaching for both a hanky and a hug from […]

Dirty Dancing: #4 in Romance Hall of Fame Romantic Travel Movies Category

Summer romances, much like the season itself, are often frivolous and all too fleeting. However, as the nation enjoyed its last days of innocence in 1963, Frances “Baby Houseman learned that a connection between two people, no matter how brief their time together may be, can be likened to a beautifully choreographed dance whose steps […]

The African Queen: #5 in Romance Hall of Fame Romantic Travel Movies Category

The waters of a Central African river becomes a visual metaphor for the romance between world-weary seaman Charlie Allnut (Humphrey Bogart in his Oscar-winning performance) and prim preacher’s sister Rose Sayer (Katharine Hepburn) in this 1951 classic. Just as the mosquito-infested region mirrored the characters’ early irritation with one another and the life-threatening rapids mimicked […]

Under The Tuscan Sun: #6 in Romance Hall of Fame Romantic Travel Movies Category

More than merely the providers of succulent spirits, the vineyards which blanket the Tuscan landscape are visual metaphors for life. Although left barren after each harvest, time will bring rebirth to the vines, and just as new leaves unfurl in the caring climate, so does heroine Frances Mayes, who finds herself experiencing an emotional reawakening […]

Sleepless in Seattle: #7 in Romance Hall of Fame Romantic Travel Movies Category

A cinematic Valentine for anyone who has ever wished that real life could mirror the magic of movies, this 1994 Nora Ephron-directed homage to the quick quips of tongue-in-cheek twosomes from Hollywood’s Golden Era shows that, with hope in your heart, a love that is meant to be can span any distance in order to […]

The Holiday: #8 in Romance Hall of Fame Romantic Travel Movies Category

Two women who pack their luggage for a Christmas season house swap find that their vacation from their romantic vexation lets them leave their emotional baggage behind in this tribute to the romantic comedies of Tinseltown’s past. Filming Locations A touchstone of Hollywood history, Greystone Manor in Beverly Hills has been a silent witness to […]

A Room With A View: #9 in Romance Hall of Fame Romantic Travel Movies Category

A sojourn to Italy leads to both self-discovery and a soul mate for a young Edwardian lady, whose room without a view at an Italian pensione starts a chain of events which offers her a renewed view on life she learns to break free from the constraints of conformity and indulge her craving for love. […]