Downton Abbey Inspired Tea Unveiled

As the new season of Downton Abbey begins television viewers who love to drink in the beauty of Highclere Castle and savor the stories of the characters played out beneath its roof can also enjoy a Downton-esque refreshment that’s steeped in tradition.

The Republic of Tea recently unveiled Downton Estate Earl Grey Vanilla Black Tea, a limited edition tea which is the latest in a line inspired by the popular series. Available exclusively at Cost Plus World Market®, the most British of beverages–which is held within a tin decorated with a photo of Violet Crawley, the Dowager Countess of Grantham (portrayed by Dame Maggie Smith)– is a blend of fine black tea, natural bergamot oil and natural vanilla flavor.

Fans of the series can also start their day the Crawley way with Downton Abbey Grantham Breakfast Blend.  A container featuring the face of the Crawley family patriarch holds organic Assam black tea from India, flavored with organic ginger.

As intriguing as the trio of sisters whose photographic portrait appears on the tin’s exterior, Downton Abbey English Rose Tea is a caffeine-free herbal blend of Nigerian hibiscus, rose hip peels, apples, stevia, natural raspberry, natural rose and vanilla flavors and rose petals.

For more information regarding The Republic of Tea’s natural calorie-free, gluten free Downton Abbey-inspired teas (each containing 36 tea bags):

Photo Credit: PRWeb; Amazon

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