A New Year’s Eve Tradition

Although the start of a new year is looked upon as a time of symbolic change, for those who believe in a tradition held in certain parts of the world, the new year is also a time for new undies. At the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve (or just prior to the event), many women rush to the restroom to change into a new pair of brightly-colored panties, the hue of the delicates possibly determining that person’s destiny in the realms of love and wealth for the upcoming 365 days.

Here’s a mention of the colors and their corresponding meanings in accordance to unmentionables on New Year’s Eve:

  • For many residents in Mexico, romance requires red underwear, although some looking for love tend to follow Brazil’s notion that pink panties will make you part of a pair in the year ahead.
  • If your goal is prosperity, slip on a pair of gold (or yellow) undergarments.
  • While green undergarments may not guarantee money (according to Hispanic tradition) or harmony (as believed by some Brazilians), it’s worth a try!

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