Titanic: #1 in Romance Hall of Fame Romantic Travel Movies Category

Although the waters of the Atlantic have acted as a shroud since the pre-dawn hours of April 15, 1912 for those lost during the maiden voyage of the RMS Titanic, the waves which silenced 1,517 souls still ripple like an echo of the past in the ocean, beckoning to all in the present to keep the memory of the splendor, sadness and sacrifice of that fateful day alive.

Years after its initial release, James Cameron’s movie epic brought the heroism and heartbreak of actual events back to the surface with an intimate tale of two fictionalized lovers, whose story continue to touch the hearts of romantics who raised Titanic to the top of Lovetripper’s most romantic travel movies of all time list.

Filming Locations

While most of the movie was filmed at Fox Baja Studios, scenes of a mature Rose recalling the past for a crew of treasure seekers searching for the Heart of The Ocean took place aboard the Akademik Mstislav Keldysk, a Russian scientific research vessel. Scenes in the engine room were shot aboard the S.S. Jeremiah O’Brien in San Francisco.

Lovetripper Reader Recommendations

TITANIC-a scattered dream…The movie itself is a timeless masterpiece that captured my heart forever, a real tragedy inspired an incredible movie which is indeed a life lesson.The story majestic ship that took with it so many lives is just heartbreaking….
The plot involves various themes such as tragic and lost love, death,courage and sacrifice, dreams and undying memories of past…to put it briefly, all it takes to keep you glued to the screen throughout the movie. A pair of amazing actors ( Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet) bring to life two young souls, Rose and Jack, whose powerful romance echoes from a distant past.
What have I learnt? One should be free to pursue his dreams because you only have one life, you have to live it to the fullest;
death ends a relationship, but not love itself, as long as you keep the memories in your heart, love won’t fade, but it will keep you warm through dark times.Just like Rose, life can makes us undergo traumatizing experiences, but as long as you’re able
to get up after the fall, you know you won’t be defeated, hope will guide your way. This is the inspirational message of the movie, one of the main reasons why I love it so much. Every detail is unique, I mean Kate and Leo’s performances , I’m definitely struck by the their emotions, the haunting soundtrack is so special, I can actually “feel” the pain, the heartache of losing your love or celebrate life, like the cheerful tune at the third class party.The accurate recreation of the Edwardian era , the beautiful costumes, the recreation of the ship are fantastic, they prove without a doubt the hard work that’s been invested into making the movie. Thanks to people like Leo, Kate and James Cameron, we all have this film to enjoy -TITANIC is a journey to eternity and also a voyage to the bottom of our own soul, to find there the inner power that makes our hearts go on. I have been into many other fandoms ever since, some came and go, but TITANIC has always remained no.1. Here I would love to quote Cathy from Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights- “the love I have for other fandoms is like the foliage in the woods, time will change it, as winter changes the tress, my love for TITANIC resembles the eternal rocks beneath-a source of little, visible delight, but necessary.”– Manuela

Kate Winslet and Leo DiCaprio had fantastic chemistry, and even though in the movie their characters love affair was short-lived, it oozed infinite romance. Titanic is THE romance movie of the 90’s.– Amber

Just a classic love story.– Diane

Titanic is one of the most romantic movies I have ever seen. It includes heartbreak,sacrifice,passion for love and life along with hope and truth that even after death love can still go on. In the end all that matters are those you have loved and who have loved you as the ending shows when Rose walks down the stair case to see everyone and meets up with Jack again. She greets him with a smile that proves love doesn’t die.– Dawn

It’s a classic! It has everything, the forbidden romance, the jealous “other man”, some mystery, suspense. Even knowing the ending doesn’t ruin the movie!– Jennifer

It had everything, the Romeo and Juliet- type romance , the good guys and bad guys, disaster and great effects and the romance… well, what can you say with LEO! Love him.– Stacey

This was the most successful romantic movie in recent time. Millions of people fell in love with the story.– Edgar

two strangers are destined to meet unknowingly on the maiden voyage of one of the grandest ocean liners ever built…love is made and then lost forever…– Deanna

It was a toss up between this one and Dirty Dancing. But this is such a great movie. When it cam out I was in high school so I was completely sucked in by this movie. I could watch it today and probably still cry when Jack dies. This movie has it all and it’s really well made.– Nicole

It tells of how Rose loses her love at sea.– Kaylon

It is the biggest selling movie of all time, it has laughs, tears and most of all love. it is one of the most romantic movies ever to be made, it has the best director ever – James Cameron…. and to top it all off it stars Leonardo DiCaprio.– Jade

A great love story.– Margaret

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