Romance Hall of Fame: Top 10 Romantic Travel Movies

Through the magic of movies, viewers can not only vicariously live out romantic fantasies, they can also enjoy a virtual vacation wherever they please. In a Lovetripper poll, readers chose the following flicks as the most romantic cinematic sojourns of all time:

#1 Titanic— Both the splendor and the sorrow of the doomed Whitestar liner are brought back to the surface through a fictionalized love story which continues to resonate with romantics.

#2 Somewhere In Time— In the search for his soul mate, a contemporary playwright (portrayed by Christopher Reeve) finds himself in the presence of the past.

#3 P.S. I Love You— A movie missive to the eternal bond of love.

#4 Dirty Dancing— Romantics still have the time of their lives with each viewing of this coming of age classic.

#5 The African Queen— Two polar opposites are transformed into forces of nature as they find themselves magnetically drawn to each other while the river pulls them toward their destiny.

#6 Under The Tuscan Sun— Like the Italian vineyards brought back to life each year by a caring climate, the movie’s heroine experiences an emotional rebirth which warmed the hearts of movie viewers.

#7 Sleepless in Seattle— A sentimental Valentine to the cinematic love stories of Hollywood’s golden era.

#8 The Holiday— Emotional Baggage gets left behind when two women take a vacation from their romantic vexation by swap houses.

#9 A Room with A View— A room without a view leads to a new look on life and love for a young English girl.

#10 Some Like It Hot— The silver screen sizzled when two gender-swapping gents on the run ( played by Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon) meet a ukulele-strumming siren (Marilyn Monroe.)

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