P.S. I Love You: #3 in Romance Hall of Fame Romantic Travel Movies

Although unable to walk through life with his wife Holly (played by two-time Oscar winner Hilary Swank), Gerry’s (Gerard Butler) epistles after his passing help to guide the woman he loves back on to the path of happiness in a heartwarming movie that leaves its viewers reaching for both a hanky and a hug from their own special someone.

Filming Locations

While most scenes were filmed in New York City, Holly’s trip to her late husband’s homeland provided romantics with views of the sweeping scenery of County Wicklow, including Enniskerry, Glendalough and Lacken Village. The director also yelled “Action!” at Whelans Pub, a watering hole whose musical acts have provided the heartbeat of Dublin’s city center for the past two decades.

Lovetripper Reader Recommendations

The entire idea behind knowing the person you love on such a deep level to know how they will react when you pass on. It shows how even in death people who are truly in love really care for one another and know that they will live on in each others memory and know that in the end they love you and just want you to be happy. Isn’t that what love really is? Caring more for the person than you do for yourself.– Shayna

Gerard Butler was fabulous as Gerry, the sweet and sexy husband who died and reached out to heal his wife with letters sent to her after his death. Laughed and cried through the whole movie. As far as travel, it made the beauty of Ireland so obvious that, if you didn’t want to go there before, you certainly did after the movie.– contributed by Marylucia

One, because it starred the most handsome actor on the planet, Gerard Butler and two, because it took place in Ireland, the land of my ancestors and the home of my heart. Ireland is not only beautiful but has an unconquerable spirit that came to life in this movie.– Susan

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Travel to Ireland and reliving courtship and falling in love after your partner’s passing and, perhaps, finding a new love. P.S. I Love You has a profoundly beautiful message.– contributed by Jane

The reason I chose PSILY as the most romantic travel movie is because Holly’s husband, Gerry, sent his wife and her friends to Ireland AFTER he had died. Prior to his death, he made sure that his wife was able to return to the place where they first met, go the places that were important to him so that she would be able to get over him and move on. It was a surprise to her months after his death. Instead of focusing on his death, Gerry chose to make preparations for his wife’s comfort. To me, that’s is a very romantic and selfless thing to do.– contributed by Lisa

P.S. I Love You showed the heart ache that a person goes through after the death of a love one and the trip that a person goes through not only in a trip way but in a emotional way to get over that pain. It made the movie not a depressing movie about the death of a love one but the hope that one day you will see them again and even in death they aren’t far away.– contributed by Courtney

Because love does not die.– contributed by Stephanie

This was the first romantic movie my current boyfriend (of three years this October!) and I watched together. I will never forget renting this movie, watching it on my couch in my apartment and snuggling at all the sad parts. Never liked Hilary Swank that much, but I loved her in this film.– Tara

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