Under The Tuscan Sun: #6 in Romance Hall of Fame Romantic Travel Movies Category

More than merely the providers of succulent spirits, the vineyards which blanket the Tuscan landscape are visual metaphors for life. Although left barren after each harvest, time will bring rebirth to the vines, and just as new leaves unfurl in the caring climate, so does heroine Frances Mayes, who finds herself experiencing an emotional reawakening in her new Tuscan surroundings which, like the grapes destined for bottles of wine, makes for a very good year.


According to IMDB, the man heard crying in apartment adjacent to the leading lady’s divorce digs is actor Matthew Laborteaux, a former star of the family favorite, Little House On The Prairie.

Already a star from its appearance in Under The Tuscan Sun, the main square in Montepulciano– which echoed with the shouts of spectators as Pawel performed in a flag-throwing demonstration– will share the big screen with the cast of New Moon when the supernatural love story premieres in November 2009.

Diane Lane’s first acting experience at age 14 partially took place in Italy when cameras rolled on A Little Romance, which also starred Sir Laurence Olivier.

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Filming Locations

Frances and Mr. Martini wished each other “Buon Natale” at Piazza della Repubblica in the Tuscan town of Cortona, where much of the filming took place.

Just as they did for Pawel and Chiara, the bells of Farneto Abbey still ring out the happy news of nuptials. Located in the hills of Valdichiana not for from Cortona, the 11th century house of worship also houses a museum featuring architectural finds.

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This movie is all about hope,love and crazy risks. It shows how someone who goes through bad times can find love and a life full of joy. By taking risks we can move on and start anew. To all of us who have had our dreams vanish, this movie is pure inspiration!– Nan

Diane Lane is the star of two of my favorite romantic travel movies– Under The Tuscan Sun and A Little Romance. Both films capture the spirit of a new love and leave you with the feeling that anything is possible.– Diana

At the risk of sounding cliche, this movie warms your heart just like the Tuscan sun! From the time Frances arrives in Italy, each frame is filled with a joy of life that will rub off on anyone who watches it!– Nicole

I’ve always dreamed of touring Tuscany. For anyone who may never get the chance, this movie is the next best thing! The cinematographer really captured the beauty of the landscape.– Kristen

It was cute, brought back some memories for me.– Linda

I love this movie!! I just wish that I had had the same results as Diane Lane when I renovated my house! :)– Pamela

This movie does more than just entertain you for two hours. It inspires you to take a chance on love.– Catherine

Whenever I feel down I watch this movie. It’s one of the most uplifting films I’ve ever seen.– Stephanie

Why is Under The Tuscan Sun the best romantic travel movie? It just is!!!– Jhawn

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