A Room With A View: #9 in Romance Hall of Fame Romantic Travel Movies Category

A sojourn to Italy leads to both self-discovery and a soul mate for a young Edwardian lady, whose room without a view at an Italian pensione starts a chain of events which offers her a renewed view on life she learns to break free from the constraints of conformity and indulge her craving for love.


The movie’s shooting schedule dictated that Lucy and George’s first kiss would not take place in a field of violets, as depicted in the E.M. Forster novel.

Nominated for eight Academy Awards in 1987, A Room with A View walked away with three wins in the categories of Best Costume Design, Best Writing of a Screenplay Based on Material from Another Medium and Best Art Direction- Set Decoration. At that year’s BAFTA Awards (the British equivalent of the Oscars), the movie fared far better, winning Best Actress (Maggie Smith,) Best Actress in a Supporting Role (Judi Dench,) Best Costume Design, Best Production Design and the evening’s most coveted title, Best Film.

Known at the time of the movie’s filming as the Quisisana e Ponte Vecchio, the romantic retreat which starred as the Hotel Bertolini is now the Hotel deglo Orafi.

“O Mio Babbino Caro” and “Chi il Bel Sogno di Doretta,” the two Puccini aria’s which provide a sweeping soundtrack to the couple’s blossoming romance, were sung by Dame Kiri Te Kanawa, the operatic star who performed at the 1981 wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer.

Relive the magic of George and Lucy’s first kiss in the following clip:

Filming Locations

The gnarled branches of more than 20,000 olive trees seemed to block out any presence of the present as cast and crew traveled into the hills between Fiesole and Settigano to film several of Pensione Bertollini’s interior scenes at Villa di Maiano. During a guided tour, a little imagination is all it takes for tourists to hear the vexed voice of Charlotte Bartlett as she complains about a room with no view in the dining area or Lucy Honeychurch’s passionate piano playing in the sala della bambole, or dolls’ room. A venue ripe with romance, couples often pledge their love or celebrate their nuptials at the Italian retreat.

For insight into more of the Italian landmarks and English edifices that played a role in the movie, see Lovetripper’s filming location guide to A Room with A View.

Lovetripper Reader Recommendations

I love the fact that this Merchant Ivory production is such a faithful adaptation of E.M. Forster’s novel.– Sarah

The soundtrack to A Room With A View is undoubtedly one of the most romantic in movie history.– Vivian

This is one of the most beautiful films ever made– not only due to its cinematography, but for its life-affirming message.– Ruth

A Room with A View brings back memories of my own trip to Italy. I had the opportunity to tour the Church of Santa Croce just like Lucy– and without a Baedecker!– Moira

This is the quintessential travel movie which shows off the beauty of both Italy and England.– Daniel

The costumes are breathtaking. Helena Bonham Carter’s face has such a timeless quality– she looks right at home as an Edwardian lady!– Louise

Watching A Room with A View is a virtual visit to Italy. The Florentine masterpieces and Italian countryside are as much the stars of the movie as any of the actors.– Kate

No matter what roles she’s played since, in my eyes Helena Bonham Carter will always be Lucy Honeychurch.– William

A Room with A View introduced m to the novels of E.M. Forster, so it holds a special place in my heart.– Billie

One need only look at the credits to realize the cinematic importance of this movie. Daniel Day-Lewis, Helena Bonham Carter, Maggie Smith, Judi Dench, Denholm Elliott, Simon Callow– no wonder A Room with A View is beloved by movie buffs!– Deacon

Every time I watch this movie it makes me want to pack my bags and book a flight to Europe!– Margaret

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