Dirty Dancing: #4 in Romance Hall of Fame Romantic Travel Movies Category

Summer romances, much like the season itself, are often frivolous and all too fleeting. However, as the nation enjoyed its last days of innocence in 1963, Frances “Baby Houseman learned that a connection between two people, no matter how brief their time together may be, can be likened to a beautifully choreographed dance whose steps can lead toward a promising tomorrow.

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Filming Locations

Travelers still have the time of their lives at the Mountain Lake Hotel, the sandstone sanctuary and outlying cottages in Pembroke, Virginia that played the pivotal role of Kellerman’s Resort. An homage to the 1987 Hollywood hit is held several times a year at the 2,600 acre retreat, complete with tours of the various filming locations, a trivia contest, and dancing lessons.


Dirty Dancing devotees who make a pilgrimage to Pembroke, Virginia to see the contemporary classic’s sites can book a stay in the same Mountain Lake Hotel suite Swayze stayed in during filming– room 232.

Cameras began to roll on September 5, 1986. The director yelled “That’s a wrap!” the following month, on October 27th.

Lovetripper Reader Recommendations

This has the best romance, Good girl meets bad boy, falls in love. Secretly I
think we would all love to be in their shoes. The soundtrack especially Patrick
Swayze singing could make any girls knee weak, throw in the romantic and hot
dancing, and you have it all.– contributed by Theresa

Whenever I watch this movie I instantly travel back to my high school days– sitting in a darkened theater, giggling with my friends, munching on a box of buttered popcorn and dreaming of dancing with Patrick Swayze. I will be forever grateful to Dirty Dancing for giving me some of my most treasured memories.– contributed by Natalie

I developed a crush on Patrick Swayze back in the days of North and South, and I remember rushing to the theater to see Dirty Dancing on its opening day. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve watched it since!– contributed by Tania

The chemistry between Patrick Swaze and Jennifer Grey made that a standout movie…and the score is outstanding. The other movies are great like Gone with the Wind, Titanic etc but Dirty Dancing gets my vote.– contributed by Nancy

When they both dance to “The Time of Your Life”– contributed by Julie

What girl doesn’t want to be Johnny Castle’s “Baby”? *Sigh…*– contributed by Bonnie

This movie reminds me of my summer romances when I was young.– Carla

I remember playing the soundtrack over and over, trying to dance like the people in the movie. It’s been more than 20 years–I still have two left feet, and I still love every frame of this movie!– contributed by Donna

Dancing on a hot summer night. Ymmm…..– contributed by Jason

I’ve always had a weak spot for dancing couples in the movies– I can watch Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers or Gene Kelly and Leslie Caron trip the light fantastic over and over again. Having grown up after Hollywood’s Golden Era, I had always felt that I was born in the wrong time until Dirty Dancing came along. Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey (and Patrick with Cynthia Rhodes) are dancing duos who can rival any movie pairing from the past.– contributed by Anne

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