Roswell: Max and Liz’s Wedding #3 in Romance Hall of Fame TV Weddings Category

One touch of Max Evans’ hand was all that it took to restore the life of Crashdown waitress Liz Parker when their destinies collided one fateful September day. Years later the joining of his hand in hers in marriage would heal his own wounded soul, brought on by a lifetime of secrecy. At a tiny roadside chapel a human girl and her intergalactic groom celebrated a love that was not written in the stars, but rather in their hearts.

Lovetripper Reader Recommendations

The things that made this wedding great was the awesome story line behind the characters. For three seasons we watched them struggle as individuals and as a couple overcoming some outrageous obstacles and grow closer and closer. For three seasons we sat glued to the TV anxiously awaiting what would come next, waiting for that final moment when Max and Liz would finally be together. What makes this an AWESOME TV wedding was that it almost wasn’t made. By the determination of the fans out there that loved this show, we where able to convince the producers to bring the show back for its final season. The wedding was an accumulation of three seasons worth of expectation that finally met its conclusion in that final scene that I can still see in my head today. It was perfect. Although the show ended way before it should have, here we are ten years after the first episode aired still talking about it, and wishing it was still on air. The show is now and will always be my favorite, as will the charaters of Max and Liz.– Melanie

Because they had been fighting to be together for so long and they finally got their happy ending. Even if they had to leave their home to get it.– Elizabeth

After going through trials and tribulations such as: alien destinies, time travel, best friend being murdered, and an alien baby; Max and Liz’s love still rose above. If any two people deserved happiness and becoming husband and wife, Max and Liz were it. Just a glimpse of them running out of the Desert Rose Wedding Chapel as husband and wife made my Dreamer heart proud! Happy 7th Anniversary Max and Liz!– Sonia

NOTHING compares to the deep connection that is shared between Max and Liz. I watched the first 2 minutes of Roswell and was addicted to them right away. I have yet to see or feel anything or anyone that could even come close to Max and Liz and what they shared.– Robin

The reason this wedding was so great was because Max and Liz were soulmates as Liz’s grandma pointed out. They had obstacles but they got over them. They made it out on top of everything that got in their way and I think that takes a lot of love. Also they were hot together. And they brought out the best in each other.– Tavia

Because they loved each other more than themselves and they went through so much for each other. The wedding itself was so simple that it was absolutely perfect.– Diana

Because even though they were running from the law… their love grew stronger and stronger. Their love for each other is what made them survive every obstacle put before them. and they took time out of there busy life full of secrets, fear, and
hiding, to get married and commit themselves on not only a spiritual level but a legal level… because if Max goes down for being an alien, Liz is with him all the way. It’s because they have unconditional love.– Jennifer J.

At last! We waited 3 years for this!– Loretta

It was obvious Liz and Max were meant to be. It wasn’t your usual TV wedding, it was a simple and lovely one. For fans of the show, it was a perfect ending and it fit the characters really well.– Shauna

See flashes of Max and Liz’s wedding day in the following clip. More Lovetripper recommendations follow below:

Max and Liz were voted into second place in Lovetripper’s most romantic sci-fi couples category. Experience their romance from the beginning.

My choice is Max and Liz from the TV show Roswell. They’re simply adorable together and their wedding was so natural and sweet! You care about this lovely young couple who had to face so many trials and you just hope that they will find a place only for them where they can start a family and be safe. In the scene you could breathe their genuine happiness and it’s so easy to picture them as happy and passionate newlyweds who couldn’t get the most expensive wedding and honeymoon but they really didn’t care about it and after all is money really so important for people in love? Maybe their wedding was one of the most simple weddings on TV but it was the most real one.– Elizabeth C.

Because Max and Liz’s love conquered all and they deserved to be together forever. Their wedding was cute, her dress beautiful and not common, and they were happy for real, just being together.– Gloria

It’s the only one that has managed to forge an indelible memory in my chaotic mind.– Ranjith

Simple. It was Max and Liz. The greatest TV couple and love story ever. That wedding and moment of pure bliss between was a long time coming and I loved it.– Crystal

Max & Liz was the best sci-fi couple their was and their wedding was a great way to end the show. M.E & L.P were soulmates and they belonged together.– Rebecca

The love was always there but the struggle it took and the simplicity itself.– Diane

Max and Liz make their own destiny. No matter what gets in their way they always make it through. They sacrifice their love in order to save the world.– Salonica

It was just so romantic that after everything they went through, they finally tied the knot.– Brittany

Perfect! I want a dress like hers! Max and Liz had to face many obstacles in order to be together and their happy end, when it finally happened, was very deserved. It was sweet but not cheesy and sappy like this kind of scenes can be (for obvious reasons). That scene always bring tears to my eyes especially when Liz’s voiceover said something like “and burn it (the diary) where my husband was born” such a perfect way to end the series and a journey lasted 3 years where many things changed, some for good, some for bad… but their love remained intense… a constant in the time. Their happy end surely isn’t like in fables … but it was worth it in the end and it gave you a sense of hope, the hope that like for them true love exists and can face anything.– Jo

Because they’ve been through so much. Liz was not Max’s destiny like Tess but they pulled through all their problems and in the end she was his real destiny.– Ingrid

’cause this is The Greatest TV-couple, and thats all. = )– Vyacheslav

They didn’t have a big wedding but it had thier friends and that is what matters: being around people that care about them.– Jeniffer

His touch saved her life; Her wedding saved two worlds. The story still has to be told.– William

The love between both characters was like no other. Every scene together made time pause. A love one could dream and pray for.– Charo

I vote for Max and Liz from Roswell because their wedding is simply my favourite of the list. It was so romantic yet intimate and very cute and sweet like no other. I especially love her wedding dress because it wasn’t so classic, it was unique but still very simple and lovely. It makes me remember about Flower Children 😀 That scene is the perfect ending of the series especially because they had to face so many trials before finally getting their, well deserved, happy end. They’re an amazing couple.– Valery

Because of Liz’s (Shiri Appleby) the most beautiful cheerful smile, the best ever wedding dress and her hair. Such a beautiful scene, it is just pure love.– Maciej

I’m one of those people who don’t like fictional weddings so much because I think that a wedding is something a bit too serious and “sacred” so in TV shows and movies they, most of the time, seem so fake to me, so damn cheesy. For this reason my favorite wedding is the one between Max and Liz from Roswell. It was the end of the whole show; it was only a scene, the memory written in the same journal that started the series. It was very simple and sweet not to mention that it was an intimate and unconventional wedding yet very sweet, romantic and meaningful. It was unconventional because what they were wearing wasn’t so classic like normal weddings (I love her dress. She was beautiful, so free, so simple) but it did fit with their young age and how the most important thing there wasn’t “the wedding show” but the simple fact that they loved each and they had won against everything that tried to keep them apart. They were together, they had their real friends with them… they didn’t need nothing more than this. It was a sweet happy end that they deserved so much. Surely enough they were on the run so their life wasn’t supposed to be simple and without problems… but that end gave you so much hope. It was telling us that no matter what everything is gonna be okay because they are together and happy and in love and this is the most important thing, this is worth all the sacrifices they were making. This is real.

It was the perfect closure of a series that started with them being forbidden and looking at each other with so many hopes and ended with them looking at each other as husband and wife hopeful, happy, peaceful.. putting behind them 3 years full of
obstacles that they had to face but they won against them all even death.

To me their wedding is perfect and it’s the best because it summarize what that moment should really be and mean.– Giusy

Because it was the perfect ending to finally see Max and Liz get to gether. Also it wasn’t a traditional wedding as such but Liz looked beautiful in her little white hippy style wedding dress!!!! So Romantic!!– Janet

Because is it perfect, simple, real… the wedding that I would like one day.– Elisabetta

Because after all the traumatic and complex issues they went through to be together, it brought back the simplicity of the story; that love wins out in the end. The ceremony, though short, was beautiful and it brought us back to the very core of the show as Liz’s voice over told the end of the story as her father reads her journal and she and Max are married. “I guess I should tell you that, Max and I did eventually tie the knot…Give my love to Mom. Let her read this journal, too. Then, give it to Maria’s mom. And after that take it and burn it out in the desert by the ruins of the pod chamber, where my husband was born. So that’s the end. Our life in Roswell. What a long strange trip it’s been. Will we ever go back? I don’t know. Even I can’t see everything in the future. All I know is that I’m Liz Parker, and I’m happy.” Her last words still resonate in my mind and it completely captures on of the best love stories ever told and that was what Max and Liz’s wedding symbolized.– Skyla

Max and Liz wedding may lack all the glitz and glamour we see in TV weddings, but it is evident in this wedding the love of this two for each other. Their wedding is a celebration of their love against all odds. The focus was not on the trimmings, but rather on how this couple loved each other.– Vicky

Because you could feel the love and finally they were together!– Nathalie

Who didn’t want Max & Liz to get married?!?!? It was the PERFECT way to end the series! Liz looked beautiful in her 60’s style dress with flowers in her hair…and it was great that the whole gang was with them as they drove off into the sunset.– Katherine

They had been in love so long, she was an adorable bride and he was very handsome. It was a simple wedding with just friends. The fans waited for this for three seasons!– Jane B.

I love it because it was the very end of the whole series. It was satisfying for the fans because of all the things that they had to endure through the series to finally get there and they were so sweet and gorgeous! Cutest couple on television.– Nicole

Because Max and Liz were the most perfect couple ever.– Kathy

Simple yet the most satisfying wedding ever.– Jennifer

Awww after all the heartache they went through they final made it down the aisle.– Pauping

Because they have no comparisson with any other couple in TV or movies.– Lorena

This was fantastic, because the love between these two was builing up and being torn apart for the entire three years. Both weddings (the last one and the one that happened in Vegas flashbacks) were unconventional yet still romantic; authentic and not the usul phoney TV weddings that make me cringe. The Vegas flashbacks combined happiness, with the sadnesss of knowing the wedding wasn’t real, despite it being the original destiny. The last wedding gave hope, on an intergalactic level,
crossing “multicultural boundaries” tackling the issues yung couples face, and added a twist of Romeo and Juliet (where the love “could never be” or would result in constant dramatic conflict. Such depth makes this overwhelmingly the best wedding(s)
and the most deserving couple to win. Authenticty should always win (NOT typical perfect weddings that are pointless to the storyline and dull scripted as most others are.)– Ricardo

Max and Liz were the best couple ever and so their wedding was the best as well.– Miranda

This TV wedding was great not because of the actual wedding scene but because of what Max and Liz had to endure to get to their wedding. Not to say that the wedding scene wasn’t great because it was, a small church with the people they love attending but what made it so significant was what Max and Liz had to do to get there.–Estephany

Max and Liz! Through all the ups and downs, their love story was so beautiful and I’m happy that they were together and married in the end. They are probably my favorite romantic couple of all time. They fall in love despite the dangerous circumstances and they married in the end of the show while they were running from the FBI. A simple wedding yet so romantic and sweet. It was a perfect scene and a great ending for the show!– Jane

Because it was the final episode of Roswell!– Sandra

Was in a quaint country church and added some closure to the Roswell series.– Deborah

It was a sweet ending to their love story.– Carrie

The chemistry…..long awaited.– Carolyn

It’s unusual, the chemistry, super…– Regina

Max and Liz had a great wedding. There was no fuss, no problems with family, they had their closest friends and they had each other. That’s what a wedding should be all about.– Suzanne

It was the perfect wedding. They deserved their happiness! Just look at their smiles, they only care about being together, it doesn’t matter where.– Anna

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